Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Love is!

Some sadist out there must be sitting happily in his heaven! Because, he created the concept of love, and decided that he is going to let the world work on the concepts that he has left behind. And somewhere out here the concepts remained and the practicality of the entire thing parted ways!
And trust me, coming from me, a person who firmly believes in the concept of love and a happily ever after, there must have been a hard hitting reality that must have struck Me!

You know the romance doesn't last forever, but the fact that he or she understands your full stops in the smses also, lives on for a long time!

But the long lasting live based relationship not only requires a lot of patience and compromises, but it requires a lot of self restraint, because there is always  better fish out there!  I am not going to preach as to how, one can imbibe these qualities or run a relationship because no one but the two people in the relationship know how to run their relationship, and what works the best for them!

But here is the thing: you will go through a heart break each time you have a fight with your other half! Each time, a dream shall be broken, but the good part is, that you will always have bandwidth to build a new dream! Just remember, that, the new dream may or may not be drastically different than your own dream, that you had woven before the relationship!
Because, the number of people in your dream increase!
To think about it, we always make that compromise in every relationship, to accommodate peace in it! We just hype it when it comes to the special some one relationship! If you want it, you will take that first step!
Gone are the days when the guy ran behind the girls, aaj kal toh ladkon ke zyaada nakhre hai!

Love hurts, accept it! 
It is it's own medicine, 
an unfortunate truth, a
misconceived lie, 
take your pick! 
Love, dream! But above all- 

PS: This is in continuation to, or a comment to Su's blog post! 


Jack said...


??????????????? What's up?????.
Relax, everything will be fine soon.

Take care

RiĆ  said...

Hmm...all i can say is that good that u realised these things coz they r an inevitable part of every relationship. Been there several times.

Bikram said...

oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee WHATs THE matter ...

check out the last word you wrote BELEIVE thats the key to any relation so chillax calm down and yes beleive all will be fine .. :)

take care


Suruchi said...

Love is not easy to find-if found not so easy to sustain-if sustained, not so easy to feel the same feel over n over again!

but then there's nothing in the world that is as satisfying as being with the one whom you love-everything else becomes immaterial post the 'happily ever after'

Thank you for continuing our discussion here!

Me said...

True that.

People use 'compromise' as an excuse. It is just a term.

I believe Relationships are just. The more you analyze them, The less you LIVE them.

Hope all is well at ur end. Take care.

Rachit said...

m pretty unexperienced in this field.. but yeah have seen people jumping in happiness & crying like hell while in love. Love might be a mixed bag full of colorful emotions :)

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Megha Sarin said...

Ahhh such a beautiful post! We have to make compromises and for our own happiness.


Rohit_blogger at http://floating-expressions.blogspot.in/ said...

nice thoughts of relationship-management..for me it's all about selfless devotion with space for flexibility and alignment as per the other half!