Saturday, December 3, 2011

What a Party!!!

This has to be recorded NOW!! Am just back from a office party which was held at Taj!

Basically a Client Event, where we let ourselves lose and get drunk!! And trust me, I have no idea about the amount of alcohol that I have drunk!
So, I get to know that this hot client of mine is my batch mate from school!! And another contact that my boss made in one of her networking trips is my classmate!
The world surely is a small place!!

So from getting drunk, to flirting incessantly with clients, dancing away in glory and being dropped by a colleague, who is like the sweetest person on the entire office- this has been one great night!
Oh, one couple from my social dancing class are big boss's friends! And they told him and his wife that! :)
And the other office, Ms. M, Ms. P,Ms. V and Mr. MDR were also there, and the best part is, that even though they did not give me a cold shoulder I was simply nice to them, like I am to anybody I know superficially! And no I did not feel guilty or bad about it! And I am happy to move forward!!

So one heck of a night!! :) I am very happy! :) and yes, I looked very pretty, in my black dress!!


Jack said...


Read 2 posts now. Yes, time flies and leaves a lot of memories, both happy and sad. Good that you had a enjoyable time in the party.

Take care

Tangled up in blue... said...

Ooh you had sooooo much fun! I've been studying for my post-graduation exams for two months now. God, I could do with a night like this one! :)

Suruchi said...

My gawd, someone's having so much fun and writing so many posts...a wedding planner in the making or a wedding in the making, eh?;-)

and where's the picture of the pretty gal in the black dress:-)