Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The one who survives in the end is the one who accepts changes and moves on life.
The one who learns the lessons from the mistakes and makes sure that those very mistakes are not repeated.

But how many times, have you found yourself on the "Crossroads" of life and other times at a shopping mall, wondering which store to hit first!
It may be the smallest of decision in case of a shopping event or the life changing decision about moving out of the city or getting married and sometimes leaving a cushioned job to start a venture completely that has nothing to do with your profession.
Whenever I read the success stories of people who have made the life altering decisions, I wonder, what is it that made them take such a huge step, of leaving their own comfort zone to test out something that is absolutely new and different and maybe unsuccessful or futile at first.
People in this category too should be given a a bravery award too.

At these junctures of times it becomes so difficult to make that choice, to choose THAT path which is right for you. Again the perspective of right & wrong differ so much person to person that often making the biggest decisions by yourself, means giving justification to the people who are closest to you, people who do not understand your perspective.
In case of my dear bf, I am the "non understanding" entity, and poor him has to give me explanations to justify his decision.

I too am gonna soon be standing at the crossroads of a major change. One decision has been taken, consequent to that decision the other decision is yet to be taken.
The consequent decision is giving me a headache and a heartache too!

I wonder what strategy do you guys take, when you make your life altering decisions? 


Makk said...


think about consequences.

Jack said...


We only hear about those who made it but how about those who did not? I do agree that it is upto an individual to choose what he or she feels best suited for or have an immense urge to do but this has to be decided with full application of mind and not just on spur of the moment. I do not know if what you are talking about having taken first decision but second one is pending but can feel what it could be. So headache is understandable but why heartache?

Take care

RiĆ  said...

Its very simple in my case coz I dont have a what your heart says.

Megha Sarin said...

It happens with all of us. We all have to get out of our comfort zones. When life gives you a little push, you just take the leap. <3

In the end do what keeps you happy