Friday, June 8, 2012

The Aston Martin

The big boss in office bought an Aston Martin.
It is a 3-4 crore car.

That has made me think about my aspirations in life yet again.

And because I am in the thinking mode- I'll word out the thoughts in the next post.

Trust me, you want to wait for that post.  


RiĆ  said...


Ok if its worth the wait I shall. :)

♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

I have those moments too!
And your post makes me think about where my life is heading :D

Ankit Garg said...


Bikram said...

ok ok waiting waiting .. :)

and hey can i request if its possible to remove this word verification, I have to type the comment a few times on Phone :) sorrrry jsut a request please


Jack said...


Kindly don't make us wait too long.

Take care

mgeek said...


Alka Gurha said...

WOW...I am thinking too. Lucky guy.
Ahh..when was life fair?

Haddock said...

a 3-4 crore car ?
How can people even sit in them?

SSQuo said...

Are you buying an Aston Martin?? You could go for the new Mini cooper, its launched yes?