Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The game of life & death

Just when you think that life is finally getting on track and that things are falling into place, you hear about things which happen to your friends and people you know, and all that happiness goes.

It is one thing to be happy about your own accomplishments and wanting your friends to share that with you, but it is just a different thing when you hear about friends, whose lives were just going fine catapult into something that makes your heart go numb and then you are forced to think about how indifferent life really is.

It doesn't care if there is something that you are looking forward to, doesn't give a fuck, about anything, but about turning even the best laid plans haywire.

A lovely couple friend of ours gave birth to a really cute baby girl *God bless her*, where on the other hand an extremely close friend lost his father to a sudden heart attack.
And this is where I wonder, when a doctor give the pregnancy due date, 99% of the time, the baby decides it's own birth- date. And similarly when death comes, how death comes, no one knows.

We have all heard of lives merely months old losing the battle to death..

We are all a part of this BIG game of dance between Life & Death.. whilst they play their games, we like pawns, worry, about whether we have will live or die in the next second.
We are worried about jinxing our happy times, but like they say "Karma is a bitch"

I don't know about- anything- I just know, that every time through a bad patch, I give up hope. I wish to change that. I want to love each day with a promise of being happy and of being optimistic.. and I wish that you all also do that same.


RiĆ  said...

So true...sometimes certain instances in life completely change the way we look at things.

Ankit Garg said...

Life drive us, sometimes it fucks us really hard and sometimes it takes us to the place which we have not imagined.When we want something it do not give it easily and when we do not expect something it gives us that in a beautiful garnished platter.

We are just a lame duck who is dancing to the different tunes of life.

Ananya said...

SO true...
By the way new in blogger's world loved your blog.... Thumbs up

Jack said...


None of us know what is in store the very next moment. I have seen many happenings which were least expected. We need to face life as it comes and do our duty to the best of our ability as per our conscience.

Take care

Bikram said...

That is life i guess.. night falls then sun rises and night falls again ..


Makk said...

Well, I guess this blog has only one author then why there are two??


Irfanuddin said...

and thats the beauty of the life you know, one can't imagine what is next due for only one thing is needed for we human to do is just go on doing our KARMAS and leave the rest to Almighty bcoz he is there to take care of every thing else....

Nice post....:)