Friday, June 1, 2012

The Politics of the Falling Rupee!

I am absolutely not talking about the end of the world literally.
It can't happen. Not now any ways, there is too much happening otherwise, for the world to physically collapse. Economically, well, that is questionable.

In the light of recent events, I think that one way or the other the great Indian Middle Class is going be squeezed to the hilt. It is we who are going to take a hit, unless the black money lodged in the swiss banks comes home and fills the coffers of the Indian Treasury.
Honest to God, that is the ONLY way that the present UPA Government can survive the economic slowdown. Because knowing the politics of my Country, I know for sure that any concrete steps that may be taken by the government are going to come back on their face by the opposition and allies alike.

What we as the people have to do is via our actions prove to the politicos that we can take some hard hitting steps but we would really like to still believe in the 'Great Indian Dream', where for the last 10 odd years despite everything, India as a whole was doing much better than rest of the world.

My sister explained this to me and my mum when we were cribbing about the price rise, I thought that I would share it with you too:

- The Oil cos lose about 8 Rs/litre on petrol with the current price of the crude and the various taxes that the poor companies have to pay to the government.

- Therefore to cut out on the losses, the petrol prices are hiked. But because petrol price hike means rise in commodities, the government pays subsidies, meaning they pay out of their own pockets so that the price hike does not effect the common man that much. But because they pay out of their own pockets, they lose the tax money that they have collected for development.

- If they take loan from the foreign entities like World Bank or IMF, their foreign deficit increases and like it is with any other loans, they have to start getting more money in their coffers to develop on the various schemes that they run for the poor.

-Thus to fill their coffers, they either cut the subsidies and therefore the hit comes to the common man or they increase the taxes, again making sure that the burden comes to the US. The poor common man.

Then what to do?
The decisions of a price hike hit us like a ton of bricks. And so does the taxes. Like I said before, all of us should shut our eyes from the fact that the swiss banks have the Black money and encourage the politicians to bring back that money into our country.
I have heard it and read on FB that the amount of money that is in the swiss banks if it comes back, will make us all free of the tax burden for the next 50 years. JUST IMAGINE!
No more taxes.
Actually, I don't mind paying minimal taxes so that the money keeps getting replenished, but helloo?? Dear Poliricians, if AT ALL any of you feel the need to compete with the US of A and move forward and become the rulers of the world- I think that you should give a thought to bringing back the money that is rightfully ours.

Further, as a part of the austerity measures that the Government proposes to put- First should be that all the politicians should pay their electricity & water bills. My GOD, more than half of the electricity dues that are unpaid are the government dues. We all pay for our usage, they should all too pay.

The Parliament Sessions are the bonus sessions where all the policies are decided. The politicians attending these sessions should be paid on daily basis as in only those who attend the sessions shall be paid during the months that the sessions are on and ANYBODY who disrupts and/or breaks the furniture of the Parliament house and stages a walk out- should be penalized, by obviously not being paid that days wage.
*NEVER have I seen a proper discussion and weighing of pros and cons properly of a matter that really matters... which sort puts the country in a tailspin and lets not even talk about the mockery that we make of ourselves in front of the rest of the world.*

Oh, considering that we are burdened with the petrol prices, all the politicians should also pay for the petrol that goes in the cars that are allotted to them, and in addition they should also be paying the salary of the household help/drivers/maalis that they keep.

And last but not the least, the ticket of the ministers may be borne by the state but that of the family.. extended family should NOT be borne by the state and the ministers/ family who is travelling should pay for it.

The politicians are nothing but Government SERVANTS and they should be made to realise just that. The reason that they are in a position to make policies is  because the entire nation can't come together and make them. They are OUR representatives and NOTHING more. The day we realise that politicians are humans too and nothing more, is the day they will also come down to our pedestal and maybe start working, on the things that really make a difference.


Anonymous said...

We would like to think that this all will be done and fall in place but the cynic in us doesn't give up either.

Politics have become one man's dream for Congress and BJP, Sonia vs Modi or we never know it is indeed quiet MMS who is quietly doing what we think others decide.

Europe has collapsed already. The economy is certainly messed up. As far as logic explained, it does make sense but you know I have really given up :'( on solutions. I am hopeful though if Nitish Kumar could somehow spread his wings....

Anonymous said...

And yes, have politicians on daily wages please.

Bikram said...

Politics has become home business, father mp, son mp and so on ..

you are right, they are govt. servants and shud be treated as one, there shud be rules..

a salary given , then retired at 60 and no family heirarchy :)

Jack said...


I wish and pray that day comes. If it does not, then it is going to be either too much of criminality in the society or more & more persons will go the naxalite way. Unfortunately our respectable politicians are like ostriches with head buried in sand as this situation does not affect them.

Take care

Alka Gurha said...

The last thing on their minds is tht they are in politics to serve...

Ashutosh said...

i don't want to sound anti-you or NRI sitting in US...but all these things sound good but are impractical.
this is all theory...
And if you think that swiss bank's money can bring the difference thn ur highly mistaken.
Anyways good luck :)

Haddock said...

All said and done this is the all time low....

Megha Sarin said...

This is a good post. But I still don’t understand why there is no improvement. :(