Friday, June 15, 2012

June Update

I know I promised a long post, and that is in the making :P
Life in bullet points:

- Office is fine. My boss is out for her annual vacation, therefore 15 days of less frantic times.
- Btw- My boss handed me down 4 pair of her shoes, which are lovely.
- Office too in general is fine.

- Dad was very unwell for a really long time. Doctors scare the shit out of you. Despite all his heart related tests coming fine, they tried to pursue my dad to get an angiography done. He refused. So, it turned out to be spondilitis. He is wearing a neck band and undergoing physiotherapy, and looks so much better. *touch wood*

- I have finally started exercising :) . BFF comes every morning and we walk and then do Yoga. :D People are telling me that I have lost weight, I am yet to really believe so :)

- Bf is more than busy. He has absolutely no time for me. For everyone else, I am sure that he does! :X

Life is going at a very very slow pace, seems like the summer has slowed everything up. I have started to re-notice my colony again. Grabbing the memories of each detail so that I can conjure up the ability to transport myself to my childhood by just closing my eyes.

Each day I pray for peace.

I hope that you all are having a great time yourselves. This is the Father's Day weekend, so don't forget to tell your dads, how much you mean to them.
My daddy sure is the STRONGEST!



Jack said...


I am sure you will achieve what you wish to. Though I am not very tall but I too have had spondilitis problem few years ago and no trouble now. He should do exercises as advised. I am sure he is busy for others too. Relax. Yes, peace of mind is very important. May you have it always.

Take care

Ankit Garg said...

May your dad get well soon.

RiĆ  said...

Hope ur dad gets better soon! And on my end isnt goin gr8 either. :(