Friday, July 18, 2008

How and why...of being in Love...!!!

I wish I knew why I put such a weird title on this post. Ok, Maybe because after a looong loong time I felt like writing and talking about being in love.

Actually, I dropped on this Blog and apparently this female is having a hard time coping up with the distance between her and her boyfriend. Theirs was a normal realtionship till... usual stresses of Jobs did that to her. Plus, I have been watching a lot of TV and there is lots of mushy mushy romance happening there too... and well.. around me... I seem to have the cutest couples cuddling up to each other despite the sticky humid hot weather.... It makes me go crazy crazy ...

I too am in a long distance relationship... and not from now..but from times.. seeing my friend (my best friend) go on dinner,dates..etc makes me feel that my relationship is a tad bit unreal to myself... but the moment my phone rings and I hear his voice... all the hardships of being in an LDR just vanish. Its like... a sweet fruit of patience that you get after a long day of work.

I have been in my trealtionship for like three and a half years... and when anybody wonders...I tell them that sanity abstains from you when you fall in love. The truth is that now, my patience is also running out...its becoming really mad for me to stay away. I am banking on the idiom that patience is a virtue and that virtue lands you with the sweetest fruit.

Right now, I can give anything to be with him.. but I know that its not possible... but I do know what being out of your head means...
That means being in love...truely madly and deeply....


Elliez said...

Hey! Nice to be linked in here.:-) But I m guessing my last post was misquoted...I was waiting for a call to confirm that I had gotten my dream job. which by the way...I dint.

but so agree with u - there are pros n cons of being in a LDR. well more cons than pros!But I guess the decision to hang on or not is hardly a factor of the distance between two people.

We are all in this because we know - its worth all this and more! :)


Shayon said...


I donno wot shud I b writing in here. it's true tht the distance kills u but it also tests the relationship out big time. if u cn c the times thru, ur relationship gets immune 2 almost everything!

Ellie said...

Ah well..wish I were knew. Of my 3 n a half yr relationship with Dodo, we have been together for a total of 11 months - 2 in college and 9 here in Hyd! :) The only diff this time is - we have gone international , very Roadies 5.0! :P

In a way these last 9 months gave me enough ammunition to survive this time arnd. As in a more solid base about this choice I have made - to hang on. Some irrationality that creeps in while u are away from each other does vanish when u can see each other daily. :-) So the bouts of craziness on both ends now seem less threatening as before.

You shud definitely try to get together for a few months in the same city. After the initial 'Oh we need to make up for the time! we have been apart too long!' phase...the whole new comfort of being arnd is really nice!

All the best for movin to bbay :)

Sakshi said...

Yup...we also want to experience the staying together me...i cant wait ....!!! Thanks for the wishes.....

Shayon said...

@ ellie

Whoa! Guess what? Totaalling up all the time me n Saxi hv been 2gether, I'd b lucky if it evn adds up to 1 month, in the past 3 n half ys :-p
Although I've started to get irritated with the frustration, I do agree with you that staying 2gether is a diff ball game altogether. Lesse how things work out :-)

Neo said...

Since this post is on LDRs, I just HAD to comment. I am in a long distance relationship since the last eight months and lets see, the time we have spent together is like 5 hours. Seriously, at times I sit and wonder why I am even doing this. And mostly LDRs work with people who have a strong base and some hope for the future. We have neither. And the fact that I am just 18 gives a lot of my friends a chance to tell me how I am wasting my time.
But I just can't back out, not even when we bicker about small stuff, not even when we irritate the shit out of each other, not for something that isn't even remotely my or his fault.

So, cheers to all those in LDRs, because we have superhuman levels of patience. :)

Sakshi said...

@ Footloose Doll
I was 19 when I got into my relationship...!! And trust me, I had no previous experience of being in a relationship long or short. So everyone around me was taken aback when I took this decision. And trust me, with the kind of lows that we have faced the hope for future was in negative. In an LDR apart from superhuman patience you require a lot of commitment and trust to maintain it and to make it work. All I'll say is that my friends told me that it was madness,but I believed in us...and we are together now...!!!

I am just hoping that the sweet fruit patience ripens soon...!!!
All the best to you...!!!