Monday, June 1, 2009

Little things in life that Matter alot...

... are often left unsaid... or just go by un noticed.
These lil things make you so happy... especially when it all happens after a looooong period of being sad...lonely and alone.

Dad asked me today if I have mentioned anything about the racist attacks in Australia...thus reminding me that I should have written something. But, then, I don't think that I have the words or the right expressions to really talk about this. Its something, that is happening everyday day around us. All the time. Just because its happening in Australia... No- That does not mean I being ignorant to it- It just means that I am just giving these attacks a passing mention because- It enrages me when we do the same thing in our country and that too with our own countrymen. 

I am dying to talk.
To really utilize my ' Right to Speech' , but somehow- I am not getting the right person to vent it out to. Nah- I am not on my 'being sad' trip.. but I am a talker and I feel that I have not gossiped with anyone for ages... nothing masaledar happening at all... anywhere. 
I want to go for a holiday... Just by myself- but THAT is not possible. Dad says do whatever AFTER you get married and you are no more our responsibility... darn.
I have not relaxed like really relaxed in god knows... how many days...weeks... Mum thinks that just because I sleep alot means I am relaxing- she doesn't know that I have practically nothing to do... and that is the reason I am sleeping... not really having a good time. I have not slept like a baby in ages.

And RIGHT now- I am going to stop blabbering and shut up.


Jack said...


Before I forget, our son's wife is also from AFBBS. She must have been a lot senior to you.

I agree with you that as it is happening in Australia to our student we are raising so much of voice and do not do the same when it happens in our own country to our own people in the name of region or religion. Why are you so tense, as you say you are not feeling relaxed? If you wish, you are welcome to let you steam off with me.

Take care

Sakshi said...

You are the sweetest person on Earth. Thank you so much...!!!