Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Friday that made me dance...

On 10th july 2009, Shayon and I danced together for the first time in 4.5 years of being together.
Yes. You can read that again and again, with opne eyes and mouth.
He is not really a dancer, so, we hardly go drinking and dancing. Its mostly drinking...

It so happened that a dear friend of ours, was nice enough to gift us two passes (VIP, mind you) to the VH1, handpicked- OUTLANDISH concert which was happening in Hard Rock Cafe (YEAH- More popped eyes... I know). The friend was very clever and got one pass shipped to me and the other to him.
Now, came the matter of 'permissions'... The story was put in place... most of it was true, except that the 'boyfriend' was replaced with 'just friends'. My parents took me there, watched a movie while we went inside HRC.
Being the VIPs has its perks- The food and the drinks were on the house. Yipee...!!!!
And then there was the concert. Which was of course awesome. But what was more awesome was the fact that I had Shayon's arms around my waist all the time. Yeah- we closed danced, the whole time the gig was on. It felt- so natural... so wow.
In the other news- The newest blog discovery is Miss M. Who is great. Loved her thoughts and her side of the world.
Ahem- I had the best weekend of my life. Friday was the concert. Saturday Lunch with Shayon and Sunday evening was with a couple of friends of Shayon and me.
Life is going great. I just hope that- happiness stays... and that God's grace bestow upon me.


Anonymous said...

Awww :)

Jack said...


And you keep having such good times forever. God bless.

Take care

Miss M said...

Oh wow!!!!!

I came to your blog thinking 'lets see if she's feeling better now and has resolved her issues with her parents'.. and I see that I've been mentioned here.

Thank you so very much! That was really very sweet of you. :)

Your weekend was fantastic indeed! And 4.5 years? Wow. How do you guys do it yaar?

And most importantly..*TOUCHWOOD*!

Sakshi said...

@Qi and Uncle J:
Thank you guys!!!!
Just pray hard huh...!!!

@ Miss M:
Genuine talent is always appreciated. Thanks for coming back. Hope to see you back...

Miss M said...

You're looking gorgeous in this new pic! :)

And ofcourse you will see me back here. So keep blogging k! :)

Anonymous said...

cho chweet :)