Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Choice

Walking down an empty lane,
thinking about what do I really want,
I hit upon a bump and fall down.

I try to go back upon my feet,
only to realise that my hands hit,
a dirty and a junky piece...

I rub it in frustration hoping
to find answers in a piece of junk,
and whoosh comes out a genie..
asking me to wish for ..

But only three things he says,
choose, what is more important to you..

Is it all the happiness in the world?
or is it all the money that you want?
are you seeking some fame my dear?
or the long lost love that you whine for?
is your family more in need?
or is it yours own alone that you care?
how about endless friendships,
or maybe you would like to tour the world?

What my dear is important you..
only you can choose and ask me here..
I am at your command to make your wishes come true,
don't take too long, or you may loose this too..!!!

I stand there, on that empty dark street,
looking for answers that can never really be,
Can't I have it all?
Why only three?
Why should I make a choice.. .
it will hurt me like a million glass pieces tearing me apart...

Life, my dear, is all about choices,
you can't have it all, because if you do,
you wont value anything at all..

I cry and I whiter,
I promise to take care of it all,
Please don't make me choose...

The choice he tells me is mine,
and mine alone...
to hurt now or to to hurt more,
strength to bear the hurt will come,
just look for it,
make that choice...
take the plunge.. and give life a chance..


Shayon said...

I know it's tough to speak when u rnt facing the situation yourself. Yet, since the post has been put up for all the mere mortals... this is what I think I would have chosen, in your position...

1. The insight to choose the best.
2. The strength to be able to leave the rest.
3. Actually choose what I would think would be the best.

Maybe then there will be less remorse...maybe then there will be less pain.

And yeah, before I forget... beautiful poem. I am proud of you.

Vintage Obsession said...

Moving away fromt the serious note your post ended with
I would ask for 3 more wishes for me ,3 wishes for my family and 3 for my friends ,So i dont have to make there choices as well :-)

Sorcerer said...

I agree with the Bald Guys comment.
you should serioulsy think about publishing it.

Jack said...


You gave reply to your question in the last stanza yourself. JUST DO IT.

Take care

PS : I agree with T B G about compiling your poems in a book.

Chandni (Chanz) said...

I too agree with TBG... U write really well Sakshi.. Really..

I love reading your poems more than any other posts.. they are just too appropriate and just too perfect...

Love them...


Shalini said...

Totally agree with TBG.
Specially the poem "Rose Coloured Glasses"...that one was AMAZING!!!

Sakshi said...

You think, I would have the brains to think so much and so hard, when I am already in a confused state of mind?

@TBG, @ Shalini, @Sorcy @Chanz,@Uncle J:
You are Kind.Thank you.

@ VO
LOL, now that is a nice suggestion, will keep in mind. Genie, hurry and come to me. ;P