Friday, April 30, 2010

In Conversation with the Moon

The sun sinks low,
sighing into the oblivion,
of the night,
and He rises,
In the sky, all charm..
flanked by his beauties,
twinkling like diamond and rubies..

I creep out into his light,
look up and give him,
a smile..
close my eyes, I murmur,
open them again,
reflecting his glow.

He is no more the maternal uncle,
of the childhood rhymes,
he is now,
a friend, a confidant,
a symbol of the distance,
between me and my love,
and the only thing in common,
and tangible between love and me..

He raises an eyebrow,
fluffs up his clouds..
So my darling, he says to me,
what is that we talk today?

I laugh at him,
go on my toes... reach out,
with my hands...
first go and kiss him for me,
I say...
and sit down to have a conversation,
with him...

Tonight, I tell him,
about the walk on the beach,
about waves that lapped our feet,
the sand that slipped in between our toes,
and the tides who sighed at our kiss,

That night, you were, watching over,
giving us the full view of each other,
as we kissed in front of your eyes,
you were not abashed, but shined,
even bright...

Tonight, my dear moon,
in conversation with you,
you open the box of memory,
I long to re live...
And, you laugh and say,
My baby, in conversation with me,
you have relived every memory..
Over and Over again...

And then, he waves,
brushes his cool lips on my cheeks,
line up his beauties,
and is ready to leave...
Till the next time, My love,
keep the conversations rolling...


Shayon said...

Amazing. Beautiful. Stupendous.

How I wish I knew more adjectives
that did justice to the poem!

Yes, that's what the poem did to me.
It made me sigh.
I made me writhe in pain.

More than help my heart get settled,
it kicked up a storm,
that's more restless in form.

Ahh...the moon.
How I wait for it to rise and shine.

But then again, at times,
I curse it to go away.

For I wait for my sunshine.

Suruchi said...

I echo every bit of Shayon's sentiments Sakshi...
How I wish too that I had the poetic brilliance that you have...spinning magic with words...
Creating a beautiful imagery!

Keep writing!
Loved the conversation with the maternal uncle...:-)

Surbhi Jain said...

awwww.... so touching!!
Beautifuuly crafted...!!

You do this soooo well!!!