Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hi, In a hurry...

There are at least two unfinished posts that are sitting in my drafts. I mean, I am so totally out of time these days, that sometimes, I wonder, if I am even managing my time right. Or rather is time managing me right.

I have been keeping hell busy. No, I am not exaggerating. I am busy. And, I have become a pro at juggling so many things together, that, I should maybe go get myself a job in a circus. *at least I 'll get paid for it ...hmmm*

With the exams, and the entrances and the application form for the masters taking up the normal chunk of time, there are loads of last days and farewells also happening. Yeah, I had my last day at college on Saturday, and I din even know that it was officially my last day. It is not a surprise that none of the batch mates knew that either, but what mattered that day was, that, it was the last day of presentation competition. It was the last time that I stood on that podium and spoke. And spoke well. And, later the Chairman of  our institute took the dias, and spoke a few words, He thanked me for all the efforts that I had put in from the first presentation that I gave five years back, and the last I gave today. He said that it was me who had started this trend of power point presentations and of setting a standard that each of the other participant strove hard to achieve, and that he was very happy that his children (students) have come such a long way, thanks to me. 
Man, I was humbled at his words... and it was in front of all the faculty of the college... and quite a few children.. I was touched, and that moment was the best in my entire college life.

So, college is over. Only Exams left.

Adding to the list of lasts, is that, it is going to be my last Social Dancing Class this Sunday. And, well, so that group of friends want that we meet up this Saturday, which we are.. to have a blast otherwise.

Oh, I worked for a couple of months at this place who act as recruiting/ consultants for law firms.. so, I went to pick up my check, and they offered to help me get a job... *yay to that* and add to that a research that I  have to do for them... 

And, then there are my tuitions, where the kid refuses to listen to his parents and wastes my time. I am on, a strict time schedule * when I took the tuitions up, din realise I will get so tied up later* and he throws tantrum at such ease that, I lost my temper at him the other day and scolded him. And he tells me, " Aapko padhana hi toh padhaao, warna jaao" and there is nothing more to say.

My uncle, my sister plus her kids decided to land up in this already neck deep busy week, with my internals and farewells happening.. and I actually manage a up and down same day return trip to Amritsar. Wow, that was fun. My uncle wanted to go and have a chat with God, I had been wanting to go and chat him up myself... for quite sometime, thus couldn't let that pass... it was fun, and totally calming.. even if our feet burned thanks to the heat. We had mad rickshaw rides, and ate at an obscure Dhaba that has been operating since 1916, and slept like mad, on our way back.
This happened yesterday, and my head is still spinning... from all the travel and heat. 

And then there is my regular dance class, that is happening. Totally blah, R it seems is hitting on a friend of mine, who is 5 years elder to him. Blah.

Shayon has been a total sweetheart of late. I have been getting flowers and books, and loads of love showered on me... * and, I feel like a princess, even though I act, otherwise*...

I Love you all for bearing this life update... I am not on twitter you see...


Shayon said...

Last days in college always bear hard on you, doesn't matter how the life in it was, in the last couple of years. And you always feel like going back there. Happened with me, happened with others, and it's just a matter of time for you :-)

As for the current bustle in social (and family) life, I so wish I was still in Delhi. Has been ages since last met your sister. And of course, her kids. Maybe, some other time soon.

As for you not being on Twitter, I want you back, we all want you back. Even if all you tweet is 'Good Morning', I never failed to follow those updates!

Sakshi said...

I don't know, why I was an Idiot. I love you!