Friday, April 9, 2010


The clouds of time pass,
they change from being dark, to being foggy,
to being blue in the crystal clear sky.

I see my life, reflected in the sea,
in shapes that the clouds take,
with each stroke of time and then just be..

It is the memories stored,
like the pieces of pearls,
closed in a shell,
precious beyond the prices of the world...

I pry open each shell,
too seek the memory out,
to see that moment,
in which...

One where happiness was captured,
in the other,
where the sadness was stored,
and then there were more..
where there were hurt and the pain..

I look at them,
and then I look at the sky,
I thank the world for all the happiness,
And then I look down

Into my palms,
searching for the one to blame,
for all the sorrow put into my hands..

I find no one.
Just me. Staring back,
into my own eyes..
then so be it...


Chandni (Chanz) said...


Nobody should be blamed for the sorrow in our lives...

beautiful thought

Shalini said...

I know its easier said than done, but for once try to erase the word "blame" from your dictionary and live life. If you are sad, why blame it on anyone, especially yourself?? This is win, you lose...there are good times, there are bad time...its just the way it is.
Bear Hug.

Anonymous said...

Quite good. And I really agree with the take.

Sakshi said...

@ Chanz
Thanks :)

Great advice girly, will keep it in mind.

Ok, Ok, I get the point.

Thanks :)