Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rose Coloured Glasses-II

A new me, a grown up me,
a responsible me, a me that,
I like to look at every morning,
and evening...

Closed behind my eyes,
is that image of being, me.
That dream, of the life,
of the love, and a house,
with a white picket fence.

Open in front of my eyes,
the realities of my life,
a love that I almost threw away..
a dream, that is nothing,
but broken wings...

The promise of the future,
gone awry, in light of the,
real world that is gone wild..
like the fire it burns me down,
with each step,
I see nothing... but my life,
turning brown.


♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

woah that was so beautiful!
*wipes a tear*

Lazy Flying Saucer said...

"I see nothing... but my life,
turning brown."..negative ending generally sucks but this was a real nic ending...

ani_aset said...

Oh come on sakshi :) cheer up yaara i was happy till i read the end as it described a beautiful dream..wishes for you

Shayon said...

I know I suck at consoling.
So, I won't go that way.
I know I can at least give you a shoulder,
but that too is at times loose and fray.
But I am hopeful,
there will surely be a way,
that will heal your tears,
and usher in a brighter day.

Love you!

Chandni (Chanz) said...

I planned to leave a nice comment but after seeing Shayon's lovely reply, I don't think its needed.. :)

Sakshi said...

Thanks glad you liked it. :)

Thanks for dropping by, and glad you liked it.

I am cheering up

I love you too, and thanks a ton for these lovely lines.

Ahem, you could have written your nice things too, ;P

Wicked Witch of the West said...

That really was beautiful...perhaps my favourite yet, in terms of composition and being able to relate, in memory.

Glad to see that you are cheering up...just remember, leaves (as lives) turn brown for a season...and then gradually the life starts creeping back in until all is green and seems new again. You can trust me on this due to my great age and many seasons :D

Suruchi said...

Hi Sakshi...
This started on such a beautiful note...
And I too loved the “new” you...
Could we tell things not to go awry for now...
And there’s no brown...
Just a soft glow of happy yellow!:-)

Sakshi said...

Thanks a ton for that positivity. :)