Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back To School!

Through the mirror,
of time,
I look.. and the I see..
Slowly I reach out..
And I can almost feel...

I close my eyes,
and I am transported,
back into a time,
when everything was- Grand!

The friendships,
over the gossips in class,
the leg pulling, which often,
went too far!

The washrooms,
that were more like,
the rooms to exchange,
notes on boys and on change,
in fashion, Mind You!

The crushes, 
that went by..
not even giving you,
a second glance,
and the friends,
who made sure that,
they embarrass you,
till you blush.. and get red,
like a cherry tart!

From the Uniform, 
to disregarding it,
from the exams to,
the annual days..
from competing to be the best,
to flunking in your favourite subject..

School days,
have that charm.. that,
even after years, 
when you pass by that gate,
You wish you could go inside,
and stay on.. and live that life,
over again.. 
for once! 
PS: I met a couple of my school teachers recently, and then, all of a sudden, the whole back to school feeling and nostalgia is getting me! So this is for my lovely schools.. I am gonna be a lil biased, I love AFBBS more than Modern.. Because, I always value my foundations that were laid in AFBBS... Modern just added one more brand.
But never the less, both were my schools, and I Miss my School! 


Jack said...


Finally read all pending posts. Have faith and our Friend up there will take care. CWG well, it is common wealth, so why not take share out of it? I have my serious doubts if these games will go as planned, not because of corruption talk but dengu scare. There may be lot of famous athletes who may not turn up. I do believe in omens. Beautifully write up by Surinder Marwaha on relationship. I am going to take a print out and circulate. Hmmmmmmm, BIRTHDAY, May God fulfil all your wishes. So you are from AFBBS, you know the full form of it? LOL.

Take care

Shalini said...

awww...school was awesome!

Chandni (Chanz) said...

You from AFBBS... I come from TAFS..

I miss my school too.. And my school friends even more... Sometimes I really want to go back to school.. Life was so much simpler..

and you brought back some memories..

Shayon said...

@Chanz: And I come from 10 schools :)