Monday, August 30, 2010

A Simple Wish!

Its my birthday in a week!
Not expensive gifts,
nor anything extravagant..

On the day when I can ask for a gift,
I want to reclaim...
My dreams.
My desires!
Happiness with soul in it!
Love, which is left me.
My life.. which is not ready,
to come back to me!

I hoped,
I lost.
I re-hoped, 
and I was slapped!
But, I am holding on,
to the thread of faith..
Blindly yes- But nevertheless,
it is there!

For faith I learned,
is the the Dark night,
each of us know nothing,
about the next minute of our life,
yet we live on, with all our might!
That every moment in life,
is Nothing- But an act of faith!

And for my birthday-
I vow to restore it! 


Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

hey a nice poem and wish you a happy birthday in advance...

Faith can do wonders , if you have faith then people have done the most astonishing things and achieved so much in life...
indeed life is an act of faith the moments we live in ...

hope you get to restore what you want to .. All the best ...

Sakshi said...

Thanks, glad you liked it.. hope to see you here more often :)

Suruchi said...

Hi Sakshi,
May the birthday gal be bestowed with all the world’s joys n more...
May all your dreams get reclaimed...
May all the ruffles get smoothened...
May the ride be a joyful one...
May this birthday be the new beginning of a wonderful life to follow:-)

Shalini said...

May you be blessed with all the good things in life this birthday onwards and may all those horror things get locked in a far far away land and be there forever!
Wishing u the best :)