Monday, August 16, 2010

The Countdown:Monday

The sun filtered through my window,
making me sit up right,
and as the alarm went off,
it was another dawn...
and just another daylight?

No, I smiled,
I wont be blue,
yes, it is a Monday, but so what-
it is one day less to see you!

But the MAD MAD day
lingered on, and on,
The Judge in the court,
was also being a patient man..

I tapped my foot,
played with my finger,
and saw the clock, every few moments,
to just see the day go by..

And finally, its the long night,
the interlude between now,
and tomorrow,
another day less,
another hour closer-
To be with you...!!!


Suruchi said...

Wow Sakshi...
Someone’s really excited
*my goose bumps are standing reading this burst of enthusiasm*
Like always...hope the wait is fruitful n this ends in “happily ever after”

Sakshi said...

Thanks Darling- Muah to u!