Sunday, August 15, 2010

Come into my Arms- Now!

My stomach has started knotting,
the adrenaline just keeps flowing,
the nights are becoming longer,
Oh, Sweetheart, Hurry up,
this wait is not going to make me stronger!

Going weak in my knees,
every time I see my calender,
just to realise, that its getting closer,
to be able to see you,
to be able to look..
and believe- That finally,
You are here!

My heart is singing,
songs that I don't know,
are from where. and guess what?
the weather too is Cooperating!

Rains are making me melt,
into the romance that makes me,
smile to no end...
the butterflies are back in my tummy,
the ones that came when you first touched me!

I can't wait to be in your arms,
the wait my love is getting too long,
but patience is a virtue,
and I have to do the countdown,
making the days..tick by like,
they are on a crawl...!

Eyes waiting to see you,
and to see that smile...
the lips waiting to touch yours,
my body, eager to melt in your arms,
and my hands, wanting to hold you on,
Today, tomorrow- Forever- In my life,
and Beyond!


ani_aset said...

god bless you :)

Sakshi said...

Thanks :)

Wicked Witch of the West said...

Lovely! :) And sooo great that it is so close! Waiting is soooo tough though!

Sakshi said...

I agree...!