Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Devil's Advocate

There is always a flip side!
To every situation that is there, there are two sides. And if there are no two sides to a situation, then well, I feel it is nothing but a fact. Straight forward fact.

And even though I had vowed that I would stay away from the controversy because I am a little biased, and I have been called as Kalmadi lover and what not, and I think I have a twitter friend who hates me because I am being a Devil's Advocate!
Yeah, I am talking about the Common Wealth Games!!
Which have nothing common left in them.. and which have probably enraged not only the citizens of Delhi but all over India.
I do not say that the end defines the means. As a matter of fact, I think that Kalmadi and all the corrupt politicians should be punished and should be made answerable for all the misery that they have caused to the aam junta of the country.

But, right now, I also say, that since the games are on our head, and CWG is NOT only a Delhi exclusive event, it in a way represents what our country truly is to the entire world, we should reign in our horses a little bit.. and should peacefully and with all the baahvnaa of "Atithi Devo Bhava" open our arms to the world and welcome them!
Just imagine the embarrassment that not only Delhi, but our entire nation will face, if the games are not held here. Delhi after all is gearing up for the games only? Right?
I mean, just imagine, that right now, thanks to the Games, we have the Metro, that is running, there are flyovers that have come into existence and there is a overhaul to the entire thing. The best part being, that these projects HAVE to be completed before the games.. thus, they will be completed and done with FOR once!
And, now in a situation when games are not being held, thanks to a million inquires, the work will be stalled and Delhi will forever be dug up and will be in a mess.
And, I seriously believe, that  Sheila Dixit did see some potential in our city and thus she worked so hard to get the games here. Unfortunately, the colour of money makes so may people blind. And, I wobt be surprised if all this hoopla may be cheap tricks of the opposition. What they forget is, that when they opine on something that has international importance then they should think of nation as a whole and not just a city!

I know, I am being overtly optimistic, but, like I always say, that our country run on the million Gods that we worship- Positivism may just help us sail through the fourteen days of games too!
PS: Yup, three posts are off. No explanations.


ani_aset said...

thats precisely what i tweeted we all indians were happy that CWG was coming to India...i am sure you will agree that every indian wants development..What i was pointing out was someone better should take charge of organising the game rather than passing the buck while the investigations can run parallel. Please dont tell me that Kalmadi is the only guy who can get it done :D

Chandni (Chanz) said...

I really like that you are being positive but today's newspaper said that NTPC and power grid have refused to provide financial aid (umm, I prefer to call it aid) to the CWG.. and I dont think that there is anything wrong in it.

and I do not like Kalmadi... Seriously I dont

Sakshi said...

I am no one to say who is and who is not the best person to handle things. All I am saying is that right now, lets just put the things back together!

See, things like these, NTPC trying not to help and all, what does it show?
This is THE attitude that I am talking about. Why portray this attitude to the world...!

Chandni (Chanz) said...

I really dont know where have you that positive attitude from... But I get upset when I forsee the embarrassing situations that we would have to face when the players start pouring in. Yeah, A.R.Rehman's composition did bring that positive attitude back but it didnt last that long...