Saturday, August 21, 2010


Do you believe in Omens? Things that make you believe.. in a supernatural power of the nature and how all of a sudden, things tend to be better all of a sudden?
I know I am not making any sense here! But let me try and explain-

Like on some days, you get up feeling good, you know about yourself and about your life in general, and you go sit in your car, turn on the radio and voilĂ , the radio is playing your favourite songs and you get all the signals green and you actually have a good day! *These little little signs, that make you wonder about the little mysteries in life! They are Omens!* And, yeah for the detail analysis on them, you can go read The Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo *It is my Bible by the way*.

So, like I was saying that sometimes, out of now where, you get signs and things just have to happen.. nothing big maybe, but they do happen.
And, I really believe in these signs- and believe in the power that they have.
So, today, rather a couple of minutes back, I was cleaning my purse, actually shifting my purse *Yeah FINALLY! I have a new Louis Vuitton Wallet and a Tribbeca Bag to carry!* And I was also loosing a lot of old bills and papers when I stumbled across this fortune. This little piece of paper came from a fortune cookie that I must have had at a Chinese Restaurant, and for some weird reason it came in my hand! And after reading it, I smiled and realised, that this may really happen in the near future! *Sorry, can't reveal what it said, but it is a GOOD fortune* and as I was smiling thinking about this, I stumbled across another piece of paper, this time is was a 'Letter to an Editor' of some magazine, and for some weird reason I had cut that little note out and kept it... on re reading it I realised why- *That I am going to share with you* and you will also understand why I had kept it for so long, and I never looked at it twice for almost 2-3 years and today, I read it all over again.. this is what it said- *This was in reply to an Article titled "Odd Couples"*

In the arithmetic of a truly living and loving life, one plus one equals everything, and two minus one equals nothing. Find the person who loves you because of your eccentricities, prejudices and differences and not in spite of them and you have found a lover for life. After all, the ultimate test of a relationship is not to disagree but to hold hands. When men and women are able to deal with their individual eccentricities, then love has a chance to blossom. If you decide to love a person with his or her faults, that's not a chance. That's a choice. The joy of married life lies not in finding the perfect person. It is in finding the imperfect person and sharing the perfect dream. We all stumble, each one of us. That is why it is good to go hand in hand.
                                                                                                                 - Surinder Marwah, Delhi

Such a big thing to say, to understand, put so simply for all of us to read and to think. You all know that, boyfriend and I have been going through a rough patch. And, now that he is on his way here, we both are having our share of apprehensions all over again... but when I read this little thing, I re believed in US! In the fact that we are going to try really hard to share that perfect dream with each other!
It is really easy to believe in love, to get broken in love- But it is very difficult to re-believe in what once has been broken, love especially! But, today, I re-believe, I reach out, to touch, to feel, and to have faith, in My love all over again!


Wicked Witch of the West said...

Am sick and brain dead so am going to comment in point form:
- oooh keeping us in suspense...I sooo want to know what the fortune is
- The Alchemist, great book - and can definitely understand why it would be your bible (not that I have any sort of bible, I am too Cathy).
- that letter is so nice, made me teary lol (again, remember, I am sick and so a little pathetic)
- very happy to see the 're-believing'. I do think that it is very possible to emerge with something even stronger, for having weathered such times together and made it through (for, after all, there will always be difference, conflicts and bad times, but the ability to get through them and even find greater understanding and belief in the strength of a connection is what makes the difference).

Ok, I rambled so much I perhaps didn't need dot points :D

Suruchi said...

“Find the person who loves you because of your eccentricities, prejudices and differences and not in spite of them and you have found a lover for life”

I mean WOW at this line na, Sakshi!
We are made to believe we should love someone in spite of all...and never because of his all!
This line holds the key to good relations...and anyone who understands that...well, that’s half the job well done!:-)

Shalini said...

Love the comment by the person...beautiful lines!

Sakshi said...

Cats you are wisdom personified, maybe you should write a book for all of us :)

You have to keep the fortune a secret, else its ruins it!

All fingers crossed for the belief to settle into faith.

Hi Darl!
If only we can understand the essence of it all- wouldn't life become 10 folds easier!
Acceptance comes with the other side- of denial
So... well- There is a lot to do with perspectives.. etc!

I know they are :)

Wicked Witch of the West said...

I had to quote you on such a nice comment (re wisdom) and the reaction I got was 'ha ha ha. I am sooo amused.' :D So, naturally, I believe that you are the best judge :D

Sakshi said...

Ofcourse, I know better :)