Tuesday, August 24, 2010


In desert, where for far,
the only thing that you can see,
is a mirage!
Even an oasis,
you would pass by,
thinking that it just another,
trick by the nature on the passer by!

I too am standing,
at such cross roads,
where even though you are real,
I don't want to touch,
and make you disappear!

It would be like,
been woken up from,
a dream that was as,
real as reality itself,
only to realise,
that the dream was,
where your perfect world is!

Its not perfection that I seek,
nor the wisdom from all the seers,
neither am I searching for that life changing truth,
I am just hanging on, trying to learn..
the truth about what I really want,
of the little world inside my heart,
and of a truth that my soul wants,
to talk about!


Chandni (Chanz) said...

beautiful... I am going thru a similar phase... and I just want to hold on...

Sakshi said...

Fingers crossed :)