Sunday, August 1, 2010

To Friends!!

Last one year has been a journey. A journey of love and betrayals.. but nevertheless, a journey that has made me happy and content for a long long time to come.
Mainly because, even though there was sadness, there were disappointments.. there were frustrations, there were always you all.

I have never really felt more comfortable to open my feelings onto the world of www!!! Not because there is a big bad world out there, but also because I knew that out there, there is comfort waiting for me in form of advise, empathy and if nothing else, just a small hug.. making its presence felt.
I have met so many of you in real life, and trust me, it is a DELIGHT beyond what these seven alphabets can portray to know you - to call you up at the whim of second and to see you make time for me in the busiest of days and in the cruellest of schedules.
I am honoured,
to have read and shared the world of thoughts that has connected us from far beyond the borders of the states and of the country. It is like sharing slice of our lives with each other, every day.. Just because we want to.

This little post is my Thank you of all those little gestures that my dear fellow bloggers and my readers who do not leave their comments but think of me *or so I hope*that you have done to make me feel a special part of your lives...!!!
I am not taking any names, because- each one of you is a Gem of a person who has influenced my life in loads of ways beyond what words can say...!!!

Happy Friendship's Day...!!! :)


Shalini said...

Happy friendship's day to you too. :)
Therez lil something for u on my blog.
And sorry I havent been regular.

Jack said...


So nice of you to acknowledge friends role in your life. That is what friends are for. You would do the same for any of us, isn't it? Hope you had a good time with your friends yesterday.

Take care

Sakshi said...

Please don't be sorry for such a stupid thing...

@Uncle J
Yup loads of fun... :P Especially since I spent most part of my day spending money.. :P

Suruchi said...

Hi Sakshi...
The feeling’s been mutual!
It’s been an absolute pleasure knowing u!
You are a gem yourself n hence attract the same:-)
Friends forever n loaaaaaaaaaaads of love:-)

Sakshi said...

LOve you loads!