Friday, July 16, 2010

I am a Law Grad...!!!

The day I joined law school, I was so totally messed up, and there was only one thing that kept on going on in my mind, that how the hell am I going to survive five long years in college, a college, where well, it was more like school.
But, I managed well.
When the first semester results came out, I was the happiest person on earth, I had never topped in anything and all of a sudden, I became the topper of my batch. And, then, with each result that came, there was a sigh of relief and then the tension of the next set of exams.
For 9 semesters, there was always a next time. And, today, when my result came out, the FINAL result came out, the realization that there will be no next time hit me in full force.
Yes, I am finally a Law Graduate, first class, i.e. I passed in the first division, and I am very proud of myself, this was amongst the top scores that I have gotten in all 10 semesters and I am very happy that I have ended my graduation on a great, happy note of satisfaction.

Tomorrow, I will not say, oh, I just gave my exams and the results are due, I will not say that, Oh, my God, there is still some more time to go.
I am finally a graduate, and the relief is not only mine but also of my parents.. it were long five years for them as well.

Now, its time, to start shaping the future that was waiting to happen.
You have blessed me for so long, my dear reader, please keep on giving me your good wishes and support, as I start another journey into the world- of unknown.


Banupriya said...

congrats on ur graduation and all the very best for ur future...

pRasad said...

Congrats !! :))

I know how does it feel after completing 6 semisters of MCA..

Enjoy...No more exams now..

Suruchi said...

Sooooooooooo happy for u...
Congratulations n celebrations n party time:-)
Always knew u are the we have proof:-)
Love u:-)