Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Miss you!

I miss you,
the mundane, everyday, life.
I miss getting up late,
and doing nothing,
just trying to figure out,
my fate.

There was always,
a plan of action,
a to do list,
which went into the waste,
as soon as the clock hit 8.

There was always the sleep,
that was more important,
the night, was mostly spent,
talking, loving and romancing.

There were the novels,
that took me over like rage,
their story, intervening,
with my own in a strange way...

My prince charming,
came to me thanks to a book,
yeah it was a mystery,
the book and the feeling,
of being in love...too

I miss, not taking,
the decisions that altered lives,
it was just difficult choose,
new places to hang out twice.

I miss changing,
the plans at the last minute,
taking an auto instead of a bus,
in a direction totally opposite,
college was an excuse,
your house, the destination,
I chose.

I miss getting out of office,
and calling you to confirm,
that I am on way, so move your bum...
to get stuck in the rain,
hitting the panic button..
then to walk all the way,
to my home.

I miss cleaning the room,
and then find it dirty again,
in a time as short as 'vroom',

I miss getting ready,
only for your eyes,
to see that nod.. and to
see that spark in your eyes...

I miss you,
and your arms, around me,
to hold me, comfort me, and
love me...
I miss you-
Truly, Madly, Deeply.

1 comment:

♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

that was so touching!
*wipes a tear*
but then as we miss the old memories we keep making better ones with new people and it really helps believing that everything happens for the good :)