Monday, July 5, 2010

The Courtroom Drama

I planned my whole career, as in, during my studies, I planned, I applied, and I worked hard to get into some of the best places to work as an intern. Now that my studies are over for the time being, and that I have no work, I had decided that I would join my father for the time being.. you know learning about the courtroom and how it functions and what not. But my father decided that since he wont be able to teach me much *ghar ki murgi dal barabar* he made me join this Supreme Court advocate, who is a wonderful lady and a self proclaimed feminist.
And so I went to the Supreme court of India today. *For the uninitiated Supreme Court of India is the highest judicial authority in our country, and only qualified Advocates, really senior advocates are allowed to appear in front of the judges** And, its security worse than that of the Parliament*
And, here are my observations, not in any order, just my observations:

a) No, lawyer, howsoever senior or junior will be spared by the judge, if the judge doesn't like you, well, he doesn't and get the hell out of there.

b) All the lawyers in the supreme court fumble * poor guys, the judges treat em like reprimanded kids*

c) Its draining to just stand. Stand. Stand, in front of the court room waiting for your turn to come.

d) There is nothing like a trainee advocate. So, if you are stuck like me, i.e. I have given my exams, and awaiting not only my results but also the bar exam to get my license to practice in the court, I get the 'pass' yeah a 'pass' for only one court, out of the many that my senior lawyer has to visit. *what did I tell you about the security*

e) So, when your senior advocate tells your father, there is going to be no consideration that she is your daughter, it simply mean- "I am off the hook, and I can be rude too"

f) The reputation of the Supreme court advocate is directly proportionate to the number of Junior Advocates, Interns, and court clerks following him.

g) There are so many southy's out there, that you have to really open your mind and listen carefully, so if you hear 'sheep' it actually means 'ship'.

h) Ever heard of the phrase ' New York Minute' well, when you have to appear before a judge in the supreme court, its even shorter.

i) Did I not tell you about the tight security in the premises, no bags either if you are not a lawyer. So, if you have to go inside the court room for a matter, please put your purse & phone outside, and, no, the court is not responsible for any theft. But, thank God, its a court.

j) Yay, one good thing, the canteen there makes good edible food. It tastes nice, and is cheap too. But, the sitting is so freaking small. So, At lunch time, you see so many black coats eating while you are standing with your plate.
My boss, takes her lunch at the Ladies Bar-room *No IT DOES NOT SERVE LIQUOR*

k) ON RECORD- I am a very hard working girl. But, I totally hate it when there is no work at all, like today, all I was doing was standing in the gallery looking left and then looking right, people bumping into me, people bumping into each other, and I was just standing *there is no adequate seating in the gallery, and you can't sit, even if there is an empty seat and your senior advocate, it could even be a xyz is standing, as a mark of respect* doing nothing. I was updating twitter, and getting roasted in my black coat.

l) I am sure you all know about Hogwards School in Harry Potter, and seen their uniform a.k.a their Robes, right, well, licensed advocates also have uniforms, a.k.a robes, which they wear in a very odd manner, instead of being properly placed its in a state off your shoulders... i.e its in a half way stage of wearing/ taking it off, that you have to guess.

m) NEVER wear heels, if you plan to be a litigating lawyer. I am having a bad leg and back ache.

n) The Supreme Court after vacations looks like a school re-opening after vacations, the lawyers actually ask ' How was your vacation' 'Where did you go' questions to each other.. and its like a mela, no, more like the school assembly, where you meet juniors and seniors and then when the classes  court calls your case you go in like a shareef kid.

o) Finally, if you wanna know how many shades are there in black & white, you can do your thesis here. The only color other than that was grey * yeah, just my luck*

Dad told my mom, that it is gonna be another school to learn the trick of the trade, but even though I love my trade, I can't seem to learn to love litigation and my new learning space. Ironically, whenever I used pass The Supreme Court, I always wanted to explore it... but somehow, I don't get the crazy jitters, I get when I go to the High Court, maybe because HC is home.
One thing that I have learnt today is, that, I am not meant for litigation, I gave this a chance today so that I do not become bias to me only wanting to be in Non- litigation (all lawyer work minus the courtroom) but, No ways...
Jobs Anyone? 


Shayon said...

The 'sitting' was small, or was the 'seating' was small?

And well, I don't know how to react when a lawyer says he hates the court room!! :-s

Vagabond said...

I know what you mean by "not meant for litigation". I visited the Trial Court and High Court this year and I already feel that I hate hate hate courts.
Trial courts are worse actually. :|

I still have three years of my course left and I want to escape :P

@Shayon, I think every lawyer says that at least once in his life :D

pRasad said...

Informative indeed !

Liked the way you wrote it :)

Chandni (Chanz) said...

Umm... dont really know what to say here... Should i try to console you or should I just say that litigation is not meant for u... I have no idea... :(

Sakshi said...

For some weird reason I have lost the comments by vagabound and shayon. They both are in my inbox though.

Ok, you did engineering and you are what now? Its not that I don't love court rooms, its just that I hate the hierarchy and the arrogance in the Supreme Court. I love the high court.. yeah, it is like my second home but nevertheless I like it better than the supreme court and NO I do not like litigation work.

You still have three years of learning to do. Don't be staunch.. just learn and absorb whatever you can.. it will all help later. Trust me it will.

Thanks for the compliment.

Sympathy. Trust me. That is what I need :P

ShalinK said...

hey, What a lovely post !!! Very Informative and very well written !!!