Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend… Clothes..

The weekend that went by, was by far one of THE most costliest weekend in like 6 years of the relationship that the boyfriend and I have been in. Yes, of course there was the birthday lunch two years back that was all five star and what not… but then this weekend was WONDERFUL!

And yes, in case you are wondering… much more special than the birthday lunch.

The MOST costly item in the list was a much hyped and a much wanted *not needed, but wanted* DSLR camera, which is VERY expensive, and every time I think about the money that has gone into it, my heart breaks, but then I see the pretty pictures that have come out of it *of me!* and I am much happier girl.

On Friday, when the camera was purchased, we met. And we also met, my best friend and her boyfriend, who btw, also completed 6 years yesterday! It was a typical 'Couple's Night Out' sorts, except both the couples were unmarried and had deadlines to go back home.

Saturday, was totally impromptu, after working for couple of hours and going crazy, all of a sudden, boyfriend and I decided to meet for lunch.. and not just any where, but at Shangri- La , where we had a Chinese buffet with a glass of wine J and clicked loads and loads of pictures.. later we went shopping for some Indian ethnic Kurtas for the boyfriend..

As we were heading homewards, he towards his, me towards mine, he said something thinking about which makes me smile and thank my stars .. he said that slowly he can see life settling down, and that after the turmoil of what to do, where are we heading.. he was happy that things are settling down. And for the records, if he thinks that life is settling down, and that he content with things, it is a great sign. And trust me , like I had said earlier, I really am not keen on any drama, I am mostly concerned with the contentment with life.

And on Sunday, my dear boyfriend went and bought 'Formal' shirts and trousers, with cuff links… actually he has been on the change of the 'wardrobe' spree for a really long time, but all of a sudden the speed of change has increased, and with that, the realization of the 'grown up' factor has also come into play. I don't really know why, but not the time of 6 years, not the fact that, the boyfriend has been working for the last couple of years, or the fact that I have been working for almost a year or that I have a car now, NOTHING, has made me realize the passage of time that has gone by. But the fact that he has bought himself formal clothes, has just given me the jolt and made me realize how much time has passed.

Weird, what all can clothes make you realize?


Jack said...


I am sure everything will be fine. Best of luck.

Take care

Rià said...

Good to knw tht life is changing for u..and things r evolving. Hope they change for the better, the signs r really positive. :)

Ankit Garg said...

I agree with you on this...sometimes actions of others made you realise about the things which are related to you.

Tangled up in blue... said...

Now that you have a fancy DSLR and all, I am expecting some jazzy pics to show up here haan! :)

Tangled up in blue... said...

Now that you have a fancy DSLR and all, I am expecting some jazzy pics to show up here haan! :)

Alka Gurha said...

DSLR is expensive....I am glad u had a good about some pics?

Bikram said...

:) so where are those pictures of YOU :)

You had a great day ..

Once again birthday wishes to the Birthday boy ...

take care and smile


Suruchi said...

amen to the contentment...and you'd look awesome with or without the DSLR camera...uske to mereko zaroorat hain..koi na..aapki shaadi mein return gifts bhi to honge na?;-)

Sakshi said...

@Uncle J
Thanks :)

I hope so too Ria :) Thanks a ton :)

Isn't it weird though.. ? Thanks :)

Sakshi said...

I don not have that expensive camera.. Boyfriend has it.. but I am gonna ask him to do a portfolio for me and put it up :)

Sakshi said...

The pics, will come soon!

Oh, that birthday lunch was for me last year..!!! :P

Yeah you shall get whatever you want.. let me get married first? :P