Sunday, September 18, 2011

September Update II

Like I say, life is nothing more than a couple of bullet points and loads of ramblings. Things happening each day.. and I sincerely wish that I could record each one of them. But then, there is the lazy me, who likes to sleep more than anything... therefore you get the updates!

I am alive. I am sure that much you all gathered from the opening lines. Currently, I am in Gurgaon, at my Bua's house, getting things set for son's wedding! *Praying to God, that this goes off without a hitch, and everything is a big success!!*
So, I have been helping out in the shaadi shopping. And, I have never EVER explored Chandni Chowk the way I have done for this wedding. So much so, now we have a fixed shop to buy the saree and the lehnga! ;) Yeah, yeah, I am gonna buy mine from there too! You know, I just love the way the shop keepers sell their stuff in Chandni Chowk, it is overwhelming to see these numerous shops, just selling similar and in lots of cases, same stuff, but each one of them has some fixed customers, who will come to them in the end! But it is a crazy world in those small shops, and smaller roads!

By now, most of you all must have read, commented and gotten over and maybe even followed the blog of madam Madrasan. Trust me, when I read it, I was enraged. Beyond anything. I agree about the Delhi boys being super asses.. but then the way she has pointed fingers at the entire culture of north India is an absolute disgrace. I feel that it is people with this kind of mentality that make sure that, the diversity in our culture instead of becoming our strength becomes our weakness! But she has gotten enough footage for the last one week, and now, she has finally broken her silence on that blog of hers, that is gonna be another major week of nothing but more footage to her! Before you start waving the fundamental rights ka parcha at me, responsible actions are fundamental rights, seditious acts to break the nation is a serious crime!

Hmmm, today while going to C.P. today, my Bua put a rupee in the 'shani ka daan' (in the name of the God of saturday, you give alms to beggars) and I generally remarked, "Bua, kiska shani bhari hai.." cant really explain that in english.. any ways, this remark got me a nice long lecture telling me that, this whole planet, and kundli thing, should never ever bother me! That is the last thing that I should be concerned about, ever in my life. I should just think about leading a happy healthy life! This sort of put a lot my fears to rest. Because, those who know  me, also know, how much this astrology thing has troubled me, as far as my relationship with the bf goes! Now I am more determined than ever to go forward with the person who I know, will make me happy.

Talking about the bf, I think the scientists claims about the men PMSing is true! Every month I deal with his maha moody behaviour. And it almost sympathetic, because, in the next week odd, it is my turn to PMS! Ridiculous couple we are. But nevertheless, I just pray that we have our share of happiness.. soon.

Now, I'll zip on to office!
Did I tell you guys that no one really called me from my Ms.M's office to wish me on my Birthday? Well, Mr. MDR did call, at around 11 in the night. And, I told him that, I was offended that no one remembered that it was my Birthday. Of course, bf told me to not to care.. and it was then that I decided, that, I have had enough. I cannot mope about the people, who don't care. And who don't bother. At all. Unfortunately for me, there is no way to totally avoid them, being the part of the same organization and all. I just hope that my contact to them remain minimal.

And, since we are talking about jobs and careers, I did not clear the god damn judiciary exam, and I am slightly disappointed at myself, and I am really looking for a new job. If any of you knows, a law firm or a corporate where I can work in the legal department, just let me know!

Rest all is good! hopefully a meaningful post shall come up next time!
Till then, miss me!



Agreed. Kuundlis etc are useless hypes. A good, healthy life doesnt depend on that but how our minds chose to live it.

Dont worry abt bf and other stuff. Things will fall into place when their time comes. And yes...dont care abt those who dont give a damn abt you. Its needless time wastage.

Btw, I work in a govt company and the legal dept is hiring. Let me know if i can be of some help. You can send me msg on twitter or mail me.

And.. Happy Bday.

Suruchi said...

oye hoye-this PMSing i tell you would ruin us all...and as if you were not enough by yourself now bf too:-)

the madarasi madam ka post was well written though a little exaggerated i agree-it was a shot at some sleazy character, so we should just let that be:-)

just have fun n don't bother that pretty head too much with silly stuff-all is well:-)

Jack said...


So practice run has started. Best of luck for finals which I hope and pray are soon. The blog you talked about, I read part of it in paper and will visit her soon. But do keep in mind that the way we talk about others who no matter how backward or forward they are, shows our own insecurities and cultural upbringing. As it is rightly said when you point a finger at someone do keep in mind that the rest three fingers are pointing at you. And please do not be so sensitive. If someone has not wished you on birthday, that shows their background. No need to give them even a moment's thought. Relax, that examination was just a trial run, isn't it? But I surely would like to see you in some high post in judiciary. Try again. I do feel that position of planets or stars has an affect on person's life but one should not take it to heart seriously. Follow your conscience and do not do what you do not want others to do to you.

Enough of sermon.

Take care

RiĆ  said...

I am only glad that i didnt participate in the whole drama that took place last week due to the comments of the Madrasan girl! Besides this is a topic that can go on forever!!

Anyways, i m sure u n ur bf will have ur happy times soon enuff. Well, abt men PMSing well i get a lot of that from hubby so i guess we women are not the only moody ones! :D