Monday, June 8, 2009

Relationships... do hit the bottom...

But then, the laws of Physics do say, that what goes up has to come down... and relationships are no different, after the each high point that they achieve, there is a low point too that they come to. Its nothing but natural. 

After the agonizing month that I have had- Tonight was one of the best days rather one of the Best dates that I had with Shayon in Delhi. ( Man, it seems that the Heat, makes the day dates worse than what they ought to be... ) 

The mean and the bad girl I am, I sneaked out behind my parents back coz they had to go out for dinner today... I said that I am off to Priyam's for dinner... (Best friends rock) and Shayon picked me up from my house ... 

Then we went to New Friends Colony Market, which has the world's best shwarama (its a kind of a roll) , the place is dingy and overcrowded... but in that overcrowded place we found a seat tucked in a corner... where we sat across from each other..and talked. About the sensitive issues that have been bothering us... we over ate.. as usual... and the cherry on the top was the Paan that we had as our dessert. It was just great.

But, what was even greater was the fact that I felt at peace with myself being with him... no anger... no feeling of despair... it was just WONDERFUL. There was a feeling of belongingness... I felt very complete...and very relieved. 
We spent two hours on the clock including the travel time together, but these two hours were the most special that I have spent with Shayon in a long time. 

May the good times last for a Long time.


Jack said...


Hope and pray that you both have such good times always and prove Newton wrong in this aspect at least.

Take care

Shalini said...

OOH...Awesome!!! Sneaking and going out for a dinner date. Ultra romantic and fun!!
You are very lucky Sakshi and so is Shayon. Touchwood! :)