Monday, June 15, 2009

What was the last post that I did??

I almost posted this one without any content...!!!
I seriously forgot the last post that I did...shows how much I visit my own page. I am such a freak. Oh, Yeah- it hit me abhi- That it was the post on my dear grandad. BTW- which reminds me- Our Picture got printed in a Tabloid called MAIL TODAY. They also have a e0 newspaper, you can visit their site and see our picture and read the article on Page 9 of today's i.e 14th June 2009's issue. AWESOME na...
And, my younger sister got her new phone number- My father was being like a father worried over her increase in number of classes and her travelling alone to do so...!!! And in the bid of buying a lot of new things... we also purchased a brand new laptop. Its an HP pavillion notebook... very swanky... the best part being that- most of the specifications were demanded by Shayon... because I happen to be technologically handicapped. And dad knows about it...!!! (Thank heavens now I can atleast mention him as my friend minus the raised eyebrows and what not stares.. here is a conversation between me and mum..after I had a talk with Shayon over the phone)

Mum: 'Kiska, phone tha??'
Me: ' Hmmm, woh mera dost hai na Shayon uska'
Mum: (looking at me... like a mum)
Me: ' Actually kal ek bahut sahi party hai, aur usko na parties ke press invites milte hai... so I had asked him to tell me if he does... so usi ke baare men tha...'
Mum: 'Woh hai kahan aajkal?'
Me:' EFY---Ellectronics for You... Publishing house hai..'
Mum:'Woh, Delhi mein hai aajkal?'
Me:' Haan...'

End of Conversation...
So that was kind of weird... and today also while talking about configurations and laptops... I called up Shayon on dad's request so that because of MY insistence we don't end up buying a wrong product with loads of money...!!!
Oh- Yeah- VERY important announcement- HARDROCK CAFE has Opened in DELHI...!!! YIPEE... Ok, I have been to that place in Mumbai and its an awesome party place... loved the ambiance.. and above all, its one place where Shayon can never say no to me...

So basically- a lot of money was spent today... !!!
PS: My maid has returned finally...!!! :)

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Jack said...


Saw the family photograph. Our daughter's marriage proposal was finalised in the Coffee House opposite Hanuman Mandir, CP in March 2000. So this brings back memories. Why there is another story. Congratulations on new Laptoop, maid coming back and above all acceptance of Shayon by your parents. May all go well nowonwards.

Take care

PS : You are still absent.