Thursday, June 4, 2009

Complications- Complicated- I hate THIS

Human relations are the most complicated form of interactions in our evolved earth and amongst the most sophisticated in the life forms that is supported by Mother Earth.


There was a time, when thing were so much simpler in life. Everyone was a friends and enemies...secret talks... and all the complications of a life that lay ahead was lost in our innocence. Life was livable... 

As the years have progressed- The 20 odd years of my life- I have been trying really hard not to complicate my life with anything... be it my love life or be it with family. But- this is becoming like quick sand... the more I try to uncomplicate it... the more I get sucked into it. The more I try to remain clear of complications the more its get entangled... 

In the bid of keeping just the Right Balance- I think I am losing it all.. somewhere to make the life more bearable and livable.


Jack said...


That is why it is said Childhood is the BEST TIME of life. As you grow you have to face so many things which are not in your control. Best is to live by your conscience and try not to harm someone. Be friendly but do not indulge in loose talk. If someone talks ill of you donot retaliate, just ignore. If things go out of limit, then direct confrontation with cool attitude is the best way out.

Take care

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Sakshi said...

Great Advice but its easier said than done... I wish I could be a lil more in control of myself... not that I am not trying... but its just... sooo hard.

Jack said...


I agree it is easier said than done. But please keep up with your efforts. Even if you succeed partially you have achieved something.

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Take care