Thursday, June 11, 2009

My grandad- Greatest...

Its not his birthday today. As a matter of fact, he did not even know when was his actual birthday, but we used to celebrate it on 15th of May every year, maybe because that was on his passport.

I am remembering him today (he expired 7 years back- 19th March 2002, one day after my 10th boards finished.) because we went to a place called the Indian Coffee House. This was 'the barista' of his time and this was the place where my father as a kid along with his two other siblings was often treated by my dadu. And in a month that place is being closed, because its in shambles and because its going into losses. (Its bound to- their Menu is beautiful and the prices rock bottom.) The place is literally in shambles. Its a place where there is still a separate seating area for ' Ladies and Families'. Dad tells me that- Its a place from where a lot of people started their careers. I also over hear an old man telling a journo that how, from where Palika Bazaar is today (In Connought Place) how it was shifted right next to Hanuman Temple in Mohansingh Place. Quite history it has. The shifting happened when emergency had been proclaimed in India. 
We also gave a lil interview to a Journo from The India Today Group. There were so many of them there today... to interview the old men who have been regulars... who just come and sit to talk to their peers. And as I look around the place- I am taken back in time, when my grandpa was a young lad who walked all the way from Daryaganj to the heart of the city to have a cup of coffee and to have a intellectual chat. I can almost hear the chatter of the young blood of that time as they would have been discussing economics and politics sitting on those very seats. And- I am overwhelmed with emotions because this place had played an important part in my dadu's youth and my father's childhood, both of whom mean a world to me. No wonder dad wanted my my sis to be a part of his childhood...
dadu- Thanks- had it not been you... years later- I would not have known the 'coffee culture' that was and I wouldn't have been able to give my first press interview... !!! :)

Dadu- is an Inspiration. And he has touched so many lives- that it takes my breath away. He was always old for us. His favourite medicine was Sorbitrate, which was like candy to him. I was always his favourite girl... yeah even after my younger sister was born. I remember him getting all worried when I was not at home after dark. He used to get furious with me. Thank God there were no cellphones at that time- I would have been the first one getting it then... so that he could keep tabs on me. And its completely his fault that I never know ho to really cook- He was paranoid when I used to go to the kitchen... so- I did not go. 
He was a man of limited means always, came to India after partition. They were never rich. He was the youngest of the three brothers who were bought up by their nani. And for him Education was the MOST MOST important thing ever.
I have never in my life seen him get angry... at all. So I used to go hide behind him whenever mom got angry at me... which was like very very very very often. 
He is my Idol. Patience and Perseverance were his key qualities... and yeah- he did write a short autobiography about his life... I hope that I am able to share that with you all someday...
But the wonderful person that he was- No one can come near the aura that he has created for himself... My dad is following his footsteps and he is so much like him... but not him... 
Awww- Dadu I miss you...!!! 

Oh Yeah here is a quick fact- About 15 years back- He made my father do law and join the profession so that there can be someone to take the practise forward. And today- We are more than 7 advocates in the making... he would have been so proud especially of me. I am sure that even today where ever he is- He is very proud. 


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Nice interview or practical you had. It was fun reading it. Dadus / Nanus love the grandchildren so much and I can vouch for it being one in both capacities.

Take care

PS : Not seen your views in my new post.

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Mr Philosopher- Thanks for coming b

Uncle J : (Hope you don't mind me calling you that) I know grandparents are lovely lovely ppl.. the only trouble I have is to imagine them Young... :)

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I feel honoured. Grandparents need not be thought of as stooping old persons but as mature energetic ones.

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