Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Of questions and answers...

First the GREAT news... My exams are officially over. Today was my first day of holidays, and it was no fun. There was no good movie coming on Television... in short there was nothing to do. So much so, I did not even take my bath... Can You believe that??

I had a REALLLLY long day yesterday. It was full of confusions and timelines and what not. I did not take a breather till like 1 am today morning. It was a miracle that all fell into the right place at the right time.
The day started with a MAJOR panic attack- The time for the practical exam was 9.30 am, and thanks to my dear friends who had everything to think and do the last minute- I left my house at 10 am (my college is atleast 30 mins away from my house minus the traffic and in your own pvt vehicle,in a bus- its 1.5hrs) so, we managed to reach college and thanks to the Indian time problem with most of the junta, the external examiners also reached late. Now, since my college is in on one end of the world and we are supposed to readmit ourselves in every session, the fee and the form had to be filled. I had filled the form already and as soon as I reached college, I saw quite a fe of my college mates submitting their forms.. all in a cheery mood that the examiners as usual were late. I heaved a sigh of relief. I stood in the line to submit my re admission form chatting away to glory. As soon I my turn came... and I gave my form to the sir sitting on the counter, my friend calls me and goes "Sakshi, kahan par hai practical shuru ho gaya hai... aur they have done stupidy..etc etc... jaldi aa upar"  I told that sir to keep my form and the cheques and that I would come back as soon as my practical gets over... but he refused. And so I ran upstairs only to find Mayhem being the word of the day.
It turned out that three examiners had come and to sort out the things the entire batch was divided into three parts and instead of my turn coming in an hour or so mine was due much much earlier.
Everyone was asking about the kind of questions that were being hurled at our friends... 
And finally my turn came.

The examiner taking my interview was flanked by our college Principal Mr. Bedi, a very senior Faculty Mr. Mishra was also sitting very close by flanking the other examiner. As soon as my turn came and I went to the examiner- The following conversation took place.

 Examiner (seeing my admit card and Practical File- "Ms. Sakshi Chopra... aayi"
(As I am sitting down on the chair)
Mr.Bedi- " Aur bhai Chopra, tere dadaji ne law kahan se kari thi?"
Me- " Sir, Lahore"
Examiner- " Lahore..."
Bedi- " Aur tere papa ne toh yahan se kari thi na..."
Examiner- " Acha toh aapke pitaji bhi vakalat karte hain??"
(before I can say anything..)
Bedi- " Haan haan, iske toh papa bhi aur Dadaji bhi Lawyer the"
(And I slammed my hand against my fore head.. the examiner tells me to be calm and not be nervous...asks me questions which I am answering as normally as I can...when... My senior faculty a.k.a. Mr. Mishra also comes to sit by the examiner... and goes...)
Mishra - " Main toh wahan baitha tha, par yeh humaare college ki bahut hoshiyaar ladki hain, toh main yahan aa gaya..."
(I am looking at all three of them.. like a innocent lamb stuck ... I was interrogated by three faculties...and in the end I was stamped as ' hoshiyaar ladki' by the examiner... Thank Heavens... )
 Weird conversation...!!! 

Then, thanks to that re admission thingy which was left incomplete, poor Mannu my friend- had to wait for 45 mins for me.. we had a nice lunch together... and then- I had to rush for my dance class.. I just managed to reach on time. Thanks to the heat I was feeling terribly pukish and terribly ill.. but managed the dance class well. 

And now- I have nothing to do. I slept for most part of the day... doesn't really help things out, because my mum thinks that all I can do is SLEEP... except housework- I will do anything... but I have nothing to do...!!! :(
Rest all is great... 

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