Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why good looking is so important??

Well, you all do know about the dance class.. and about the show that is going to happen on the 29th??
Oh, I think that you know about my dance class but not about the show.. so The Dance Worx(my dance class) has a summer workshop and at the end of which there is a show. My show is on the 29th of June. And NO I am not excited about it...
I know that I am not a great dancer, but at leat I am much much better than the ones my Instructor is favoring.
The batch is doing 3 songs of almost a minute each. The batch has been divided into two groups, one group is performing on Jai Ho, PCD version and the other on Nelly Furtado feat Timbaland, Give it to me and the Finale i.e the third song is called Shut Up..
I am in the second song, I am standing in the first row, but on the extreme right. The centre stage is a guy, who is a fantastic dancer.. but its the girl standing on his right that is killing me... she is no great dancer... and I am like completely invisible to the eyes of the instructor.
Jai Ho group is looking terrible btw.. and in the finale he puts that group right in front.
All of us in the other group are very upset.
And- take this- the only reason why Mr. Instructor favors certain girls is because they are way good looking... and have that snooty attitude in them.
I mean- I am not that bad looking.. but today- I really don't feel like I am beautiful.
If beauty is just skin deep... then why does it become so important to always have that flawless skin.. and be fair and great looking. I say great looking because- all of us are good looking in one way or the other..
I do not wear the spaghetti tops and cross straps bra in the dance class, because- I think that more important than showing off your skin its important to show off your dancing skills... skimpy clothes do not make a person more able to dance.
I am thanking my good senses- that I came to realise, and realise on time that I am dancing for myself.. I know it will help if Mr. Instructor notices me too... but his criteria and level of thinking is way below my expectations. I am disappointed in him.

But- isn't this the way our society is also? Have you really noticed the amount of creams and lotions that are in the market for making your skin visibly fairer??

Intially it was only the women but now- its the metro sexual male also who likes to have a visibly fairer skin.

Even the F&*%*^% ads that are on television just talk about how important is to cultivate a fair and flawless skin. That it is the only; mind you ONLY gateway to success... how discouraging is that? What happened to all that talk about- internal beauty and true talent? My mother keeps on getting me all kinds of creams so that my complexion too can be improved. According to her I was very gora gora till the time I was a kid.. but later thanks to the exposure of the sun etc i have visibly gotten tanned...

It seems after the second class treatment here, I really should take her advice more often.



Jack said...


There are many who get carried away with appearance of a person. It is something like you will not eat a dish unless it looks appealing. But it is shallow thinking. Beauty is what lies in a person in his or her inner self. Please do not let this make you feel less. Keep up with your good work and be happy. Live by your conscience and do not compromise to gain little things. If you are good people will ultimately recognise your talent or good points.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Small, small world. I;m in monday's show too. You know, I was in the danceworx for really long and well, I was usually second row corner or third row centre. And then, my current instructor taught me why.

You have to dance forward, if you know what I mean. Perform, present yourself to the audience. Think sexy, it doesn't matter if you dance in the baggiest tracks, you'll do well.

Sakshi said...

@ Uncle J
Thanks... Your comments always boost me up...!!!

@ Qi
Small world indeed!!! You are still a part of the danceworx na?? I hope that my instructor notices me at all... I know that he doesn't. I have joined ashley, because its not conventional n bollywood like shaimak.. but about their tag line that YOU can dance. Therefore I am going to dance, for me. Because for me dance is my passion.. like you have written- I write like i breathe- thus I dance...hope to see you in person..:)