Sunday, August 9, 2009


You have all heard of that little book titled fmylife?? the one where people have shared the moments when they feel that their life is fucked...??
FML also happens to be the name of the law firm that I am presently interning at.
And trust me-
Right now- FML= Fuck my life- MERCILESSLY.
Its one of India's biggest law firms and it is the oldest also. But instead of charming me into working really hard to get a Preplacement Offer, they are making sure that, the 4 weeks that I spend there are the worst nigh mare of any intern.
The swanky two buildings with four floors each at FM house (Yeah they have their OWN property) take your breath away as you enter their reception and see the numerous awards and the fish aquarium.
But as soon as you go beyond the reception into the real firm, you realise, its full of arrogant associates who do not give a damn.
AND that is what irks me the most. Even at D & D last year, I came across the arrogance of silly associates, but then, the saving grace was, that atleast they were vain in a nicer way.
Here at FML, you are anyway not allowed to have coffee at your own leisure... coz you are an intern. They don't even have glasses next to their water dispensers.
The lunch is on the house. (that IS the only good thing) but then when we do get to have coffee we (because we are interns) have to wash our coffee mugs also.
So you can imagine...the horror.

The work though is good- it is challenging. But then again the way the associates treat you... you feel like shit. And that is what i don't like.

The distance is also a factor- the firm being in Noida, it becomes an issue to just get an auto back home.

Being such a huge organization- they do not have enough computers for the inters. Just two computers for the interns. And, if you have your own lappy, good for you, else work suffers.

It is when I am in these swanky law firms and see the way you are made to slogged off... even as junior associates that makes me think, that after graduating next year, will I be able to handle the pressure?
What should I really be doing???
DAMN!!!! I hate this. Just waiting for the four weeks to get over.
In the other FML- Shayon is going to Mumbai during the week when its my birthday. I was hoping that this time round in over a decade, I might just have a nicer birthday where i could freak out etc... but NO!! My birthday is bound to be the depressor of the year.

Totally Random- Why can't India get the Kohinoor Diamond back from the English Monarch??


G@K said...

Patience and perseverance... That is what we all need right now. Either that or loads of morphine to numb our senses. Just stick through the internship. Someday you ll think back and wonder "why the f%^& did I even do it for?"
Also Shayon, that is not done. You cannot desert your lady on her b'day. Tsk tsk tsk... :p
And yes, we should totally get the Kohinoor back. And also charge them an interest for keeping it with them for so many years...
and my word verification says medlyp

Anonymous said...

1. I love the fml website. But hating the idea of your firm. :|

2. Aww! But still, don't let this ruin your birthday! You'll regret it later. Why not do something with your family on the day and celebrate with Shayon later?

Jack said...


Relax. Do not get so perturbed. More you sweat now more you will enjoy later. Take it in cheerful spirit. Anyway I had given you an option and I do feel you will look so smart & charming in uniform. Please do let me know the date so I can wish you in time.

Take care

Sakshi said...

thanks for the wise words... and I hope Shayon gets your message.
Patience is a virtue- I hope that virtue comes to me quickly.
Yup- I totally agree with your pont number 1.
But point number 2... well- in a 4.5 year long relationship- it wont kill to celebrate you birthday for the first time with ur spl someone.
At the rate of sounding maha cliched- I have been celebrating it the quiet family way for like 11 years- I am going to turn 23, I want to feel that ways too...!!!

@Uncle J
well- thanks for saying that I will look great in the uniform. But- I guess I am not too fond of moving my home around.:)

Miss M said...

FML? You are doing your internship at FML? Girl, that's awesome! Congratulations!

Arrogant people are at every workplace. Its something you gotta live with and deal with. So try to be equally cunning at the workplace. Really. Otherwise you just get pushed around.

ALTHOUGH, right now that you are only an intern, I say just suck it up and perform your level best!

Anonymous said...

I know :(

still, kya karein?

and ooh, yes please, put me in touch with your sis?!!

ani_aset said...

i dont know if its a nice idea to rant about your organization publicly :)