Saturday, September 19, 2009


Hello my lovely readers...
Me is in a very happy mood.
No, well, I had a shouting match in the morning with Mom.
I have not slept in the last two days... (Don't ask me why) because- I have been tossing and turning all round the bed and no sleep comes.
And, the exhaution levels are not yet up. I am hoping to catch up on the sleep tonight.

About moi list,
Well- I have stared with the regular walks and regular reading. I have become less of a net junkie I guess.
And guess what- Shayon's started this new routine of early to be early to rise. Isn't it awesome, now only if I get the sleep back.

Oh- Mr. N.K. finally confessed his feeling for me. And, I also told him about Shayon. So its back to being friends. Thank God for that.
And- Well, Mr. R, my dance instructor, told me that I have made a real good progress and that I might just get a promotion. Please pray..!!!
Ok, now I gtg. This is a dumb post- but so what- I am just a human...!!!


Shalini said...

Hey, good to know that you are following the list(actually, bravo! I wouldn't have been able to do that) and also about Mr N.K. and your progress in the dance class. Life is finally coming to a balance, isn't it? :D

Jack said...


Load off my mind about Mr NK. Congratulations on progress in dance class. It is nice to start with morning walks as it refreshes your mind. No shouting matches with mother, please as after all she has your well being in her heart always. Discuss logically if there is any problem.

Take care

Tangled up in blue... said...

Bittersweet news, na?

Hope mommy and you make up soon, and sleep comes back to comfort you.

Yay! for the dance class and Phew! about the wudnt-catch-a-hint guy..

life will be back to normal soon,

so dont worry be happy! :)

ani_aset said...

ahan what dance you learning??

Sakshi said...

@Shalini, Uncle J n TIB's
Well, I guess it was all the best wishes from all of you that worked wonders for me incase of Mr. N.K.
Mom and I made up.

I am learning street Jazz.

ani_aset said...

wow sounds cool :) ashley lobo is it?