Monday, September 21, 2009


I don't even know whether the title is a word or not.. its a derivative from the the word BINGE, and what I really wanted to write was- Craving.
YES, I am craving for stuff, and NO I am not pregnant.

I have this urge and craving of updating my tweets all the time, and blogging about all the little things in life. But that goes off as soon as I turn to my computer. But- I am totally in love the tweetdeck
I am fasting for the Navratris- and I am not craving the food that the family is having. I am feeling nice about the fasts.
The most I crave is cheese... and milk- That is my weakness.

I have been dying to go out and have some girl fun. Now, that is going to be satiated because my dear MOO is coming to Delhi and guess what? She is staying with ME, at my house... I am jumping with joy.
More because- this is the first time that my parents are going to meet a real friend of mine, apart from Priyam. And, I feel that it is a start- for my parents and me to start crossing the bridge one step at a time.

And- finally I am craving to read Mr. Shayon Pal. I mean, it was after all his sarcasm, and his sheer magic with words (apart from his weird name) that made me completely loose my heart to him. I am waiting for him to write... not techie stuff, but more of personal stuff.

I have no idea what and why am I blabbering this- God help me.
What do you think that the parents feel, when someone tells them- 'That, you have lovely children, bought up so well'! Do you think that they feel proud of their children....??


ShalinK said...

OFC, its a matter of utmost pride for any parent to be told by others that their children are well brought up, its what they strive to do all their life, bring up their children as good human beings, with good moral values !!

You have a great week with your friends and bridging the gap with your parents, thats a brilliant initiative, I know its so so important to do that, I have wonderful parents who trusted me all thru my teenage years and gave me the freedom to be myself. So go right ahead and bridge the gap !!!

Happy Navratra's !!!

Anonymous said...

Uh, I think they feel flattered but then it's just a line. Sort of like - 'you have so much potential' every time I get a report card. :P

Btw, why haven't your parents met your friends?

Jack said...


Nice to know that you are having such fun. Parents do feel proud when anyone praises their children though some of them may not show it outwardly.

Take care

ani_aset said...

ya i think parents feel proud..and about your cravings..seems pretty normal to me :)

Tangled up in blue... said...

Haha..I'm currently craving blueberry cheesecake! I suppose yeah, occasional sugary-milky cravings are completely normal..:)

And I'm pretty sure parents feel proud of their kids..inside they're swelling with pride! :) Have fun!

Shalini said... your friend is coming to your place. That calls for non-stop chit-chats and a whole lotta fun. I am already jealous. :P

Parents do feel proud, but I guess its patting themselves on the back for a job well done. Its more of an appreciation for them than their children.

Arooj said...

children are the personfication of parents' drea...whtever said about them good or bad,it has the ability to back them up or pull them down./