Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Very Happy Birthday, Jaan!

I know, you must be wondering who this weird guy might be, writing on Saxi's (that's how I spell her name) blog. Well, I guess Saxi has gotten you a bit acquainted with Shayon, and yes, that's moi.

It's been long long ago that I had been given the privilege of writing on this blog. However, thanks to my uber "busy" schedules, I could never manage to.

Anyway, I have no clue what should I write about, kinda feeling a bit out of place. Just wanted to announce that your beloved Sakshi's blog, Timeless Imagination, has now moved to And I'd request you all to kindly update your bookmarks.

Yes Jaan, this is my birthday present for you. I know you had been wanting a domain name of your own, for some time, and now this one is yours to keep, for ever and ever. It might not be much...but then, I am hoping I shall be a part of your life long enough to make a difference.

Wish you a very happy birthday! Love you loads, baby!! Muah!!!


Sakshi said...

Now, all of you my dear dear dear readers, know why I love him...!!! I just can't believe him at times...!!! And well, I am wayyyy to overwhelmed... My parents got this really crazy tiara for me and I am gonna put up my picture soon.. But OMG- I am gonna cry...!!!
Love you sweetheart...

Jack said...



Wish I could send e-card which I selected for you.

Take care

Sakshi said...

Thank you Uncle J...!!! My e-mail id is on my profile- You can send me the e-card if you wish too. What is more important is that your blessings have reached me...!!! :)

Neo said...

Yes Ok. Sigh! My God. This is by far my favoritest post on the blog.

Happy Birthday sweetheart.
And Shayon, my my, what a heartwarming post, and present.

OK guys, now I want a boyfriend who would do the same for me. ASAP! :D

Shalini said...

Wow, that is ultra-sweet Shayon.

Happy birthday Sakshi!! :D :D
For the first time, both the "happy" part and "birthday" part are making sense to me...

ShalinK said...

Happy Birthday Dear !!!

That was really really sweet on your beloved's part really heart warming and thoughtful !!! Lucky You :)

Tk Cr & God Bless !

Moo said...

:') Sooo happy for you, dear baby girl. I know you're older than me and all that, but still a baby girl at heart. Hope you're having a beautiful, memorable and the happiest birthday, EVER.

What a lovely present. :) You both are so amazingly lucky to have each other. I know Saksh thought she was going to have a terrible birthday this year, but I hope it's been everything else but that! :)

A toast to the wonderful couple, and many, MANY good years ahead.

Here's to the birthday girl and the boy who never fails to make her smile! :D

Happy birthday, baby girl. Have fun!

Miss M said...

Happy birthday babe!! :)

Mine is exactly two weeks later. ;)

So you, awesome boyfriend of Sakshi's, what did you plan for her today?

Shayon said...

@Footloose Doll: Hehe... quite a reaction, eh? Thank you, by the way. :-)

@Shalini: Thanks a lot.

@ Moo & Miss M: While I would've surely filled you guys up with all the dope, I believe Saxi is planning for a grande post on her birthday, with pictures and et al. Now, I wouldn't spoil her fun, would I? :-)

Anonymous said...

aww oh my god, he is the sweetest ever!!! :D

you're LUCKY babe :D

roxy said...

Hi Sakshi,
its lovely to know that u r enjoying ur self so well...gr8 b' day indeed.
And to answer ur ques.. we do not know each other but would definitely like to know u.....

U need a bf... i know someone who is exactly like him (may be more sweeter). Interested????

raj alakshendra said...

Congrats ... my 1st comment & il try to contibute a bit too... hav fun