Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I am humbled...

One of Shayon's school friend's marriage got fixed.
And, I got to talk to her today. Online.
While I was generally pulling her leg and asking about her beau the conversation steered towards Shayon and how he freaked at the news. Amongst all this she asked me where he was at that moment and I told her that he was making aaloo chat for me.
This, took her by surprise and she said- 'I always told Shayon that he is a great friend and that he would make a wonderful husband'
Not expecting this response- I simple said 'I think, I got really lucky to have got him'

And trust me, I cannot thank God enough for beautiful coincidences that change peoples' lives- That is the reason they are called beautiful.
Today of all the days, I say so, because-
I have not slept in days now. Yeah a few hours here and there, but proper sleep has eluded me. (I don't know why... maybe its a lot of unwarranted stress or maybe its the fasts... but no I don't know.)
I was planning to and eventually did bunk office today, when I asked him if we could meet, he said no and that he had already left home for office and that he has already taken the requisite leaves this month. I told him to carry on and decided to go for work.
In the continuous exchange of messages, I told him that I had not slept the previous night- and that I have no idea, why sleep is not coming.
The sweetheart that he is- He immediately asked me to come to his place.
And, when, I did go to his place and asked him why this sudden change of plans-he said-
'Sweetie, I have called you here, so that you can catch up on your sleep'
Yes, he actually put me to sleep, singing lullabies and slowly sehraaoing my hair and my head. I did manage to sleep for 15 mins.

But, its not how much did I manage to sleep, it was the whole exercise, I was actually behaving like a 2 year old, telling him that sleep is NOT coming. But, his patience amazed me. And his love never fails to make sure that I thank God at the end of every day for giving me someone who loves me so much.
I truly am humbled.

Thank you, God. And thank you my dear Devil.
On the other side of the day, I finally met Ki. OMG- she is such an amazing person. It felt like we were two friends meeting after a long time and not like blogfriends meeting for the first time.
It was just so easy... can't thank enough...
The best feature about her was her eyes. So pretty and beautiful.
Love you girl...


Anonymous said...

Aww sweetie! It was awesome meeting you too!!! You're actually so bubbly and chirpy and adorable :D

And yes, very lucky, shayon ('m pronouncing it the bengali way in my head :P) is amazing. :)

Moo said...

You are both so awesome. :) I'm really slightly depressed right now, but reading your blog made me feel much better. I know I should comment more often, but I swear I read every post! :)

Keep writing and SEE YOU SOON! :D

ShalinK said...

thats is so so sweet :)

Jack said...


May God be kind to both of you always. It is so nice to meet blog friends. I have met a few and am in touch with some more telephonically or mails. It is a wonderful feeling.

Take care

Sakshi said...

Thank you for gracing my blog.

@Uncle J
Thanks for the wishes.

awwww, love you.


Arooj said...

hv nothing to say other then ..''':-)''
accompanied with wellwishes,,,

Shalini said...

May you be loved like this all the time....:)
cute post.

Sakshi said...

Thanks for dropping by especially the good wishes part.

amen.. :)

Arooj said...

hi sakshi
i m just w8ing for some more sweet words frm ur side...any new sweet experience