Friday, September 18, 2009

Shubh Swagatam...

I love this time of the year.
There is something in the air. Something that makes me happy and sad at the same time, and makes me wish that this should just stay.

The festive season is here!!! YIPEEEE!!!
The Navratras that start tomorrow. The Festivities of the Durga Puja have already started with the 'Handicrafts Mela' and the Puja started today. Ramzaan was already on, and Id is on Monday!!!
The moment these festivals start, whole of Delhi changes. In midst of the traffic jams that have become the trend of the season; you see people all happy and joyous, ready to welcome the New Year in style.
I am going to be a little prejudiced to Delhi, because, I have just seen this city in this season.
Delhi- has all the three festivals being celebrated in style. The hub being Puraani Delhi, where Ram Lila commences tomorrow, along side the celebrations of Ramzaan which are already on. And come towards Kali Baari, and you have the Pujo pandal all for the devotees.
The entire city is lighted and looks like a bride, all the way till New Year.
Oh My GOd-
I am geeting goosebumps as I am typing this.
And to top it all- There is the wedding season...
How can one expect to loose weight with so much of food and such awesome goodies around.
Please- I know I can very well become all choosy etc, but, Thanks no Thanks- I love this season. I love the weather- I just love the weddings in this BEAUtiful season... and above all I love visiting soooo many friends and relatives.

Its the general reason and season of being Happy..!!! And whenever, there are terrorists strike or natural disasters- I know, how it feels for the families who have lost their near dear ones.
There was a time, that for 5 years in a row, we did not celebrate the festivals coz of deaths in my family.
Therefore- every year we get to celebrate the festivals- come what may- we are very happy..!!!
So here is Welcoming the festivals with all the vigour and valour.. may it bring lots of Joy and Happiness... to all!!!
Whats up with the stupid show ' Perfect Bride'!! As if the girls don't have to go through enough when getting married, that now, they have a show that is setting standards for who and what a perfect bride should be like??
This is RIDICULOUS!! And, surprisingly none of the women organizations have taken offence to it...!!! What do you guys have to say to it??


Jack said...


Festival season has started and will go on till New Year with little gaps in between but everyone will keep in high spirits looking forward to the next one. Eat what you feel like as it is not possible to refuse but work out extra calories. And with lots of weddings also slated during this period it adds to all the fun. No comment of Perfect Bride as I hardly get chance to see TV as remote is with wife or grandchildren. I am lucky to watch News only in the mornings.

Take care

ShalinK said...

I agree its only this city that celebrate with gaiety, mumbai is comparatively dead with just a few decked people on the streets on the festival day, but here it's surely different !!!

Bumped into Perfect Bride last nite and couldn't watch more than 10 mins, what jerks the producers and people who actually agreed to participate, why do people love making a tamasha of things and specially sensitive matters where 2 families and 2 lives who have to spend their lives together. How can they even take the right decisions !!! Outright Disgusting !!!

Shalini said...

I know...there is something about this season that you can smell in the air!!
Happy festive season!! :D

ani_aset said...

you are right there...mumbai does not celebrate it as delhi does..and about the show..i have stopped watching these stupid shows..i like only the dance shows that come on AXN

Sakshi said...

@Uncle J
You really are lucky- Watching the news is way less depressing than the soaps.

JERKS. Perfect term. I think we should start a new reality show, where we can find a perfect husband too..!!!
Or maybe perfect kids.. or a perfect life....

Happy Festivities to you too..