Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lost without a Phone..

Shayon's phone was not working almost the entire weekend. And trust me, it is not a great idea to be around him when his favourite thing is not working.
It is almost like- an addict being denied his drug.
(Ofcourse that means, I was also in minimal touch with him.)

Just like withdrawal symptoms for a drug addict, Shayon was also behaving in a grumpy and in an extremely agitated manner.
So, it was obvious that I was going to be at the receiving end of his anger, (I am also hell bent most of the time making his life hell..)
On Sunday evening, I pinged and pinged him so that we could chat and I could tell him about my program the next day... but an angry tiger is an angry tiger-
The conversation that followed was-
Me- ... after pinginging... sooo many times- 'Ok, last time, I am going..!!!'
Him- 'Good Night' (The abruptness was soo much that it felt more like good riddance)
Me- 'Can we please talk for 5 min'
Him- ' You wanted to know if I am alive or not, here I am alive and fine. Will you quit stalking me now'
Me- * Hurt* * taken aback* ' Ohkay- Good night'
I was hurt that day.
And really angry.
But then, the loss was his.
Sister had a three hour dance class the next day, and all I wanted to tell him was that if he wants to meet me, we can meet for a nice long time. But, because of his anger and his irritation, he did not even listen to me.
Though we did get to meet, it was for like hardly an hour when I went to pick up sister from her dance class. And that, too we made a program online. I e-mailed him when I left my house and thank God for the sense of timing I was able to pick him up minus any confusion.
And Shayon's first dialog when he sat in the car was 'How the hell did people manage to meet and not miss each other when there was no phone or internet?'

Funny, how life is. We are such slaves to technology.
Oh,btw- I was caught with my lappy in the loo at 2 am. Thus I am on curfew. No computer after 10.30pm.
yeah, laugh at me all you can...


Anonymous said...

I cant survive without net and texting, because I avoid vocal contact as much as possible. So for me to be out of touch because of technological disorders would be no less than a natural calamity :p.

Also I agree that I atleast am the slavest slave of technology, at times I cant decide whether to be happy about it at all.

Delphian Oracle

Anonymous said...

What were you doing at 2!? *trying NOT to laugh*


G@K said...

Goes to the loo with lappy in hand... :p

Sakshi said...

@ D.O,
Slave.. and here I thought slavery was banned.. :P

@ Ki and @ G@K:
Ohkay, I was trying to tell Shayon that his phone was not working.
Can't help it if my mom decided to wake up at that time...
Be sympathetic atleast.

Shalini said...

HEHE. In the loo?? You could have as much closed your room door and/or hid under the bedsheet. LOL!
Or you could have said you have some urgent assignment that you have to submit and you forgot until that moment. C'mon Sakshi, you could have done better than loo. :P

I was caught talking on phone at in I had closed my room door and mom suddenly walked in. She must have woken up and heard my hushed voice. BUT, I was quick and hid my phone under the pillow and pretended like I was asleep. Phew!

Jack said...


Anger drives out logic. We are really becoming slaves to technology. If you by chance forget your mobile at home, you feel it ringing and reach for it. 2am, well. How long is the curfew? Hope it is over soon.

Take care

Moo said...

LOL! Your mum must have thought you're watching porn in the loo or something. :P If worst comes to worst, tell her that instead of owning up to a boyfriend. Hee hee!

P.S. I'm coming tomorrrrrowwwwwww! :D Keep the hugs handy! :D

Sakshi said...

@ Shalini
* touchwood * that I have not yet been caught talking on the phone in my bed. And trust me I have and still do that alot.
I am normally allowed late nights and am awake with the lappy in my drawing room. But off late my stupid maid sleeps there. And, I told my mom that I was reading an e-book, and that I was at this really important portion of the book, thus had had to read it.
My parents bought it.
But put down the damn curfew. * sulk*

So am not that bad off..!!! LOL!!

@ Uncle J
The curfew will be on for sometime. And slowly it will wear off.

Can't thank you enough for coming over. I really need a friend around.. and to show off the city that I grew up in.
And, PORN- In my case owning a bf is a easy solution than the porn part... :D