Tuesday, May 18, 2010


When you have kids, make sure that the age difference between the two is not 7 years

Advice given by my father, when my younger sister & I were grilling him about his proposing mum.


Shayon said...

Golden words of wisdom!

Chandni (Chanz) said...

errrrrr.... me and my brother have an age gap of exactly 7 years... :D

Sakshi said...

@ Shayon
it was totally silly trust me.

Me & my sis are also 7 years apart. That is the reason my dad gave this advice. :P

Jack said...


Read 4 pending posts now. Nice write up by Shayon and I wish you both all the best. Bar Council of India knew that you will be graduating in LAW this year, so they started this examinations for freshers. All the best. Nice poem. It is a unusual combination, LAWYER and POETESS. Do take his advice seriously.

Take care

ani_aset said...

hehe super thought. But depends if one is planning more than one ;)