Sunday, May 16, 2010

Magic again...

I start all over again,
to woo you by my side...
And where do I start?

The same place,
where so many moons ago,
we had met...
for the first time in
all of the life that way had
been alive...

That broke all the shackles,
that created a new world,
around us,
for a time immemorial to come...

Love with iron nerves?
World was mad enough,
to test us through...
Today, tomorrow,
they bow to us and ours,
love that remains unbroken...

In a place that is outside,
the realm of the worldly,
a place where the world,
does exist, not on water,
not on air... but
On love alone...

I will wait, at our place,
for you to come and
take me in your arms...
To weave the magic,
of Love.. all over again...


Sonik said...

This is one of the best poems I have read in a long time! Super!
Keep writing :)


Shayon said...

Love does conquer all, I guess.

Wicked Witch of the West said...

I realllllly love this...always think about yours 'oooh I want to send that to someone''. And so nice to see the two names back on the contributor list :)

Suruchi said...

Hey Sakshi...
My best-est wishes for the new start...
May it lead to a glorious journey to destinations unknown...

Btw, where is that “same place” where you met?
It is supposed to be in a chat room discussing Da Vinci code, as a little birdie told me;-)

Sakshi said...

Chachu.. Thank you...!!! :)

You are still guessing? * rolling my eyes *

Awwww, cathy, you are being so generous and nice... :)

@ Suruchi
Ahem, Ahem, some one has been chatting alot, huh.. I like to tell my love story my way...!!! But, you are getting a great version too.

Na, it was not a chat room, it was a book discussion group...!!!
Su, and I am surprised that you din make your imagination run for this one... and settled for just- The group discussion * wink, wink * Now go talk to your bird... :P

Shayon said...

Seriously Su, what's happened to your wit? :-o Although I can bet on it that you can never guess "the place" ;-)

Ahem... yeah... kinda...

Shalini said...

You have to, have to send this one to be published somewhere!!

Sakshi said...

You are just too kind. :)

ani_aset said...

:) and i hold my face in my palms reading this beautiful poem, love the style. Its so simple yet conveys everything straight from the heart. You know sometimes i feel poems written out of love are easy to write, its for people like us who have to make so much effort to get into the feeling and write nai ;)? See you are having it easy hehe...come one keep writing more such lovely sweet ones :) love them all