Friday, May 28, 2010

I Quit.

How do you make your parents understand that they are choking you.
You end up having an argument and and in the heat of passion say 'jerk' to your father. You feel like killing yourself and your dreams and everything along with them.

I quit. I don't think that they will ever understand. I will never be able to make them understand. I will be choke, might as well not dream at all.
Broken wings.


rohini said...

its life...problems exist here...quitting is nt the solution...i kn i can only advise you ... but still never bow down on the

Wicked Witch of the West said...

I agree with not bow down to...or else you will find yourself fighting back against them an in your mind in 100 small ways that will be ultimately worse.

It is a sad thing that parents so often are very set on what they want for their child (I mean on the specifics - that they want their child to be happy, self sufficient and a 'good' person is natural). Especially when the aspiration of the child is not an unreasonable one.

I have done things in my life (choice of degree) that I really wish I had fought harder to make my own choice on. Where I went so against my natural inclinations, I have found myself always torn whether to try even now to make a big shift in my life. It is even the case with a workmate of mine, who craved to work in the health field but was pushed to accounting. There is always still that urge towards whatever was what you truly wanted.

I know it is hard to control, but worth it. And do what you can to make your choices. Moving to another city even. Often people try and impose their will very hard, but once they see it won't happen, they are very accepting.

I'm sorry you are feeling such frustration and facing this...but don't give up...this is your whole life's happiness at stake, and I know you are capable of getting through this.

And if all else fails, I will adopt you :D

Chandni (Chanz) said...

m with Cathy

Sakshi said...

@ Rohini
thanks a ton.. :)

You are right about the fight in the mind. I keep doing that all the time.

Awww, honey, you can't adopt me. Not legal anymore coz am old, but its the feelings that count... thanks a ton.

on a humorous note, you also planning to adopt me?
On a serious one, thanks :)

pRasad said...

Who doesn't fight with the parents? Their thoughts become orthodox & somehow I feel they can't think the way we think..( Exceptions are there)

But you actually called your father jerk ??..Hilarious :)

ani_aset said...

i can udnerstand the feeling sakshi but quitting has never solved anything. I have enough faith that you will come through this, and would come out better :) trust me something good will happen