Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The beauty of nature,
it can be an illusion,
to lure you into deceit..

Tediously the spider,
weaves the web,
a beauty, a work of art,
for an onlooker...
a death trap for the one its built for.

Nonchalant to the obvious danger,
the prey is lured,
into the beauty of the trap..
and then to the slow death,
the inevitable...

Relationships are beautiful,
they are woven with the beauty,
the nurture of,
love, care and affection...
They smile on you,
with a re assurance.. and a trust,
of life.

Then there are weeds,
of hate, lies, deceit..
sucking on the the very essence,
what you have built..
with all that you have...

then the beauty of a relation,
is nothing but,
an illusion.. a glass..
slowly disappearing into,
oblivion, of the lies,
that is was built on...

Hold on.. to what is real,
trust what your heart says,
have faith in the love that you have,
there is only that can love you,
and you can love back...


Shayon said... I am all confused. What's the connection between the spider, relationships, and and illusion?

Damn, I am growing old! :-(

Chandni (Chanz) said...

every word you said here highlighted the reality.. no matter how true it was, i loved the last few lines the most.

Loved the way you used the spider's web metaphorically.

Wicked Witch of the West said...

Beautifully written and so true. And all of us seem to walk into a spider's web without noticing before the shock of feeling that tension and then strands around us as it breaks. (disclaimer: I can't write intelligently now as I have three kids at close range and high volume!)

Suruchi said...

That's how things are Sakshi...
What may seem beautiful is actually not...and vice versa...
When we feel we have got something that transcends superficial bonds of the world...we must cherish it with all we have...

Beautifully usual:-)
not by me u:-)

Shayon said...

lolz... at Su's last two lines :-D

Unknown said...

lovely !!

Shalini said...