Saturday, June 12, 2010

No more- College Tales.

School is the foundation on which we learn how to study. It is the first path that takes us closer to the person who we are eventually.
But, it is the college, that truly shapes our hopes, forges them with our dreams, and help create a reality that is closest to being the person that we are. We enter college, with dreamy eyes, and even bigger hopes of being that 'someone' closed in our eyes.

A normal graduation course is 3 years, almost all professional courses extend to four years (barring Medicine, I am still not sure how much do they study) and then comes the Law school, half a decade of seeing the same classmates going to the same college. From being a dreamy eyed teenager, we come out as Legal eagles ready to conquer the world.
Five long years.

When I joined law five years back, it was a struggle to get up, catch a bus, and then go to college. The countdown to the final day at college started the first day I attend my classes. But, nothing in this world could have prepared me for the actual day.
It was our college farewell ( We were not even expecting a farewell, btw) today. The function was one of the best that I have seen in my college. Not only me,my entire batch was out of breath seeing the arrangements that juniors had done. There were the usual speeches, and the DJ, what more was there were the titles that were given by our juniors to us, and the ones that we gave to our teachers.
* I got the title of 'Ms Punjabi Tadka'* .
And, I cried too. I cried because, today the final realization that life is no more in a schedule, that my next step is as far away as god only knows what, and I cried, because, I felt the sadness that filled my heart, as I left my Kingdom behind, in search of new lands.

I call my college my kingdom, because, it was like that to me. I was royalty. * This was proved when I was announced as Ms. B.A. LL.B 2010 * I did so much in my college, and most of the times, I was reluctant. But, I did it, because, I wanted to be a part of the memories that I leave behind with each of the faculty member.
The last five years, have made me what I am. I am going to miss being in college. And more than anything else, I am going to miss bossing around, and being loved for the same.


Unknown said...

Hey..just wandered and came to your page and found today is the last day for you in college!!congratulations.. :)..treasure your memories and get ready for the world..

best wishes..

Shalini said...

Congrats Grad!!
Can completely empathize with you...:)

Surbhi Jain said...

This is the same thing I went through recently. I graduated this year and this post brought me all my memories back!


Jack said...


These days will always remain in your mind. Keep pleasant memories and it is such a fun when you see these photographs in future. Nice titles.

Take care

pRasad said...

You reminded me of my college days !

Really touchig post.. Enjoyed reading.

In my college days(post graduation), I was counting days when it will get over.. Cause I hated that theoritical useless study, mugging up..exams..I wanted freedom..neways.. Waiting for more posts.

ani_aset said...

congrats sakshi :) welcome to the world :D now is the time to hold life by its horns and ride :P

Suruchi said...

Awwww...congratulations Ms. Punjabi Tadka...
You rock anywhere and everywhere!
And also Ms. B.A. LL.B..kya baat hain!
I seem to know a celebrity of sorts;-)
Wish u all the very best for your future like always!

Sakshi said...

Awwww.. Thanks a ton.. Glad you dropped by...

Thanks :)

@Surbhi Jain
Glad i could take you back in time, good times I hope.

@Uncle J
Thanks :)

Ahem, we normally wait for loads of things to get over only to get back to them all over again.

Well, I am not too fond of rides.. but this one, I know I can't avoid.

Of course you know a celeb.. or soon to be one... :) ;P