Saturday, November 22, 2008

First Date... and the first Job..!!!

For Shayon's birthday that we celebrated as a couple, I had sent him "Love Story" by Eric Segal. In his own words he never thought that he would ever read it, but he read it twice, the second time only till the couple is happy...even though there were lowdowns in his real life...!!!
The lack of money that was not affecting till my parents were out hit us really bad when my parents came back because,
1) I was not allowed to stay up all night, even on the pretext of studying... forget the internet.
2) I devasted my parents' hopes by deciding to quit engineering and do anything else. Since, it was like really late into the year and no admissions were happening.... my father got me admitted in a B-grade college. (Ofcourse, my mom doesn't like it, but since am happy and doing pretty well, all of us are not regretting the decision)

Being in a different college, I used to be back maximum by 3 pm. That gave me ample time to do anything and everything. It was then that my mother got me an offer to teach kids in the very same tution center where Arushi used to go. I jumped at the oppurtunity, not because I like doing charity, but beacuse that would give me a great way to pass time, and I would be earning atleast something. So, I became the tution teacher to 9th standard students, teaching them basically Science, Social Studies and once a week - English.
I used to help out with the younger kids also. 

Trust me, had that job not been in my kitty, I would have had a terrible first meeting with my boyfriend.
Three days before I was to meet Shayon for the first time, they gave me my first salary which was a meagre 1500 rupees. But at that time more than enough. 
Shayon came to Delhi from Jamshedpur (he had gone back to college) on 29th October, 2005, eight months after we had become boyfriend girlfriend. A night before that, Arushi's friends' had come over to celebrate her birthday. And coz I was suoer excited about Shayon coming, Priyam took me to her place for the night. After we had slept, that is she had slept and I was tossing and turning, I realised that I had no idea where to take Shayon for our date... coz I had never had one and that too at 8 in the morning...!!! (Shayon's train came at 6 am) So I woke up Priyam and she inturn woke up her boyfriend who told us that I can take him to Barista (THAT WAS THE ONLY PLACE OPEN).
So, next morning, I get ready to go meet my boyfriend. (I wore a salwar-kameez for my date...!!!) Since he had no idea about delhi, I asked him to meet me at that station.... I reached there and saw him.... (He had managed to get himself a room in paharganj for the night and therefore he had taken care to bathe himself and shave too...!!!)
Our fist real conversation was:
 " Hi! I am Sakshi" 
That too extending my hand... as if am meeting a client and not my boyfriend...!!! Yup, I was awkward. So from there we walked all the way to barista in C.P. and there was no holding hands... we were walking like two casual friends... and trust me he made no first moves what so ever...!!! In barista after we sat down and he went to order (we had ordered, a lemon ice tea for me and cafe latte for him) I saw that there were all couples around me and then when he came back to sit with me I very casually put my hand on top of his... phew... and the ice was finally broken.
I calmed down and blabbering became a lil less and I started making a lil more sense. For a talkative person Shayon was mostly smiling and not really talking much. It was at the movie that the first kiss happened... and I made the first move... (He was a  complete gentleman).
He was gonna leave the next day... and we had to meet ppl also... Yup, we met Priyam, one of my teacher's from my school and Arushi.
Those two days were really great.... that was the best weekend.... ofcourse the first time is really special. Fortunately, the chemistry that we shared through the net, phone and the snail mails was also present when we met.
How do you cope with infidelity.... and how do you really define it? I faced that on my first anniversary....!!! Coming up... next...!!!

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