Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Proposal and the Phone Bill

The trip to Banglore was an eye-opener, since I was alone... and the only person my age whom I talked to was Shayon.... while trying to contemplate my feelings for Ani and Shayon... I landed in Delhi on 11th feb 2005....
I was in a dilema of sorts... here I was feeling guilty about being so emotionally depended on Shayon and Ani was not ready to acknowledge 'us'. (So much so from the day Ani confessed and all we hadn't been on a date, talked on phone...or whatever that too... when he is like 10 mins walking from my place...!!!, after talking to my cousin bro about Ani and the cyber stalker... I was told that I am being foolish to be in 'love' and that I should get a grip) 

Anyways- On the 14th, that is the Valentine's day, I had a my friends who were a gf-bf over at my place. (I was major kabab mein haddi) Shayon being at his flirty best, msgd me right in the morning.... Happy Valentines Day, and me always a sucker for finer things msg him back - You cant even call me on the V-day... how rude...!!!
And he actually called me back... wished me... and also bought three roses... for me... but since he was in Mumbai, I was happy knowing that he had bought the roses...!!!
So, Shayon calls me, helps me select my clothes for the day... and we go on our day... I with my friends who for what god forsaken reason wanted to see the movie Shabd. In the hall, I was trying to concentrate on the movie and not on all the couples sat around me. The movie was bad... and guess who was I messaging? Shayon...!!!
In the course of the smses that were sent back and forth during the movie- He sent me a forward, which was- "God was great when he created women,then he messed it all up by making them wifes. Promise me that u'll never graduate from being the woman of my life" since most of the forwards that he had sent me in the past were plain simple flirtings and in good humour... I too in that same spirit of flirting replied- I Promise...
It was later that Shayon told me that, this simple yes had gotten him restless... coz he was also in a dilema about his feelings for me and the bond that was forming.

The day gave way to the evening, when I met my Best friend Priyam and half jokingly told her that I have half the mind of proposing Shayon... and instead of being her usual apprehensive self... like she always is about the guys I crush on, she tells me-
"Sakshi, that would the most sensible thing that you would do in like years..."
Ofcourse,I was already confused... and instead of helping me, she made matters worse for me. I din know what to do..... coz all of a sudden, the whole bunch of feelings in me were overwhelming...and threatening to ruin my nice lil friendship with Shayon.
That night, when I sat down to study (which ofcourse was the last thing in my mind) I was miserable trying to dissect my feelings when I got an sms...

Shayon- Hey wassup... so how was your day?
Sakshi- Usual, Ani as usual broke his promise... din even call me... the movie was borrrring...thanks for keeping company.How was your day?
The coversion went on for the next few hours... when all of a sudden, I sms him,
Sakshi- hmmm enough yaar... ok lets talk about us...!!!
Shayon- Wtf do you want to talk about us...!!! 
I was taken aback by this response.... and the conversion slowly turned to us, to the night in banglore which bought us so close...
Shayon- I think I have fallen for you...
Sakshi- You wont believe this but I have also been thinking about this. I have a msg written about it in my outbox for a week, but din send you coz I was not sure about your response...
Shayon- Well, I dunno what to say, coz I have seen my fair share of relationships breaking up coz of the distance... Are you sure about this...
Sakshi-  yes.
Shayon- I need some time to think about this...
He msgd in affirmative 5 mins later....
And then I slept... Shayon tried to call me but I din know how to talk in whispers... so I just asked him to keep the ph down and let me sleep. Shayon was jumping up and down when I finally said yes.
He called me at 5 am next morning, wanting a reassurance that it was 14th that we got officially got together.

From that day on, we talked for 5 hours a day on the phone.... on an average . And as soon as we got off the phone we were chatting... if not chatting then e-mailing.... I lost about 2 kgs coz I used talk to him while cycling... that ways there was no suspicious glances thrown at me.
Till about the end of march we talked freely on the phone, his landline had STD.... therefore no problem of no money in the cell phone.

And then came the first blow of our relationship, 25 days into it. The phone bill. It was for 30k. His parents freaked out.
That is how, his household got to know about me. That comes up in the next post....!!!

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