Saturday, November 15, 2008

Challenge or What...!!!

Shayon has been extremely impressed with the style of writing and the approach of my dear friend Ms. Footloose. She calls herself a terrible girlfriend coz, in one of her posts has said that she constantly has the urge of knowing and talking to her boyfriend. So many of her posts have my advice on them.
And today when I saw that huge comment on her post, especially her love story, I cant even tell you the jealousy that is gnawing at me especially since I still havent been able to get a comment on our love story that I had written, verbal or written. ( Ofcourse I was told that since there was emotional ovewhelmness that took over no reactions came...!!!) 

This along with the fact, that, I give a lot of advice, even when unwarranted for. I am going to attempt to write about my experiences in this relationship. Well maybe because, Shayon asked me if I can actually do this.... or Maybe because later in life- I can co-author a love story with my 'marriage phobic' boyfriend or Maybe- I can read these again and again to remind myself why I love Shayon so much and why sometimes- Love is Enough....!!!

Aditya Chopra has given me the tag line that I need - 
There is an extraordinary love story in every ordinary jodi


Neo said...

Arey re, someone's jealous. And that too of me? :p :o
But seriously, the challenge would be easy for you since you have Shayon as a strong support system.
And yes, your advice, to me at least is never unsolicited. :)
And I am so happy for you because you believe that love is enough. Now I am jealous of how easy you make that sound.

Sakshi said...

That is because- My dear- Sometimes we do make things more complicated than they have to be...!!!