Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Old Flame, New Friend... and a Cyber Stalker

Destiny loves to play games... and like I often say its best game is life...while giving an introduction to Shayon and myself in the last two posts, I gave you all a background on what was happening in our lives when we met on Hi5... and here it is-
Ani had gone off to London and that meant that the extra time that I used to spend on the basket ball courts was almost equal to none. (Here I must mention- That Ani was not liked by either my best friend or my younger sister.) That is when I got an invite from Hi5... and not averse to trying something new and since I had to be online to chat with my dear Ani... I thought this would make for a good timepass. It was December 2004 then.
I started joining groups in hope of bumping into a few friends from my school and all. Then I joined a book discussion group for the 'Da Vinci Code', and I made a few friends out there....accepting their friend requests and chatting up with a few of em. Then one fine day, I saw a guy with a weird name (He was on hi5 with his full name- Sayantan) who had commented on a topic of discussion and that too completely contradictory to what I had said. From that day on, we were continously trying to prove our point through heated discussions.
Then one fine day he sends me a friend request and we are chatting away all the time. I got my first testimonial from this friend of mine... which said...

"Shayon says:
26-Jan-2005 23:20
Hey Saxi, how you been doing, gurl? You surprised with this testi? Well...I was just browsing my friends' list when I suddenly thought of penning down something about you!

Well...this gurl stays in Delhi, quite far away from my place. First time I got in touch with her is through the Da Vinci group in Hi5. There had been quite many occasions us fighting over some issue or the other. That's how I gradually grew fond of her. I always liked her ideas and loved to fight them back :-p. Then one day, we added each other and voila! We kept in touch almost everyday since then.

I don't really know what to say about this gal. She has been amazing me each and every time I spoke to her. She's a very happy-go-lucky kinda gurl...with no qualms about swearing, Ahem! Although some times she does tend to be very concerned and tensed, but most of the times she's pretty chilled out and laid back. She has a very firm belief in the word LOVE. I don't know whether it's really as powerful as she makes me feel...but then again, it's all about personal choices, I guess.

Oh, yes! Did I mention about her fascination for Horoscopes? Apparently she checks out her as well as of almost all she knows, EVERYDAY! Dunno what pleasure she gets off it. Maybe they do turn out to be true for her. As of my opinion, I feel they are so articulately and diplomatically phrased that each and every prediction can turn out to be 'almost' true for each and every being in this cosmos, provided you are not tsunami struck, that is :-p.

Well...that's all about her, I guess. Hey saxi (Love calling her that, it's great to watch out for her reaction :-D), were I wrong in any line in this testi of yours? If I am, doncha forget to correct me out, huh?"

In the meanwhile there was trouble in the Ani land. He was in london. I was here and he was not making an effort to make time for me. So, for all my frustrations and what not- I turned to Shayon...making him give me Love advice.... one of the email he actually explained to me that I need to give him space and time ....
Then came the twist that shocked me out of my wits.... Ani actually gave his msn password to one of his 'room-mate' and that room-mate fell in 'love' with me while chatting with me as Ani. (I was too naive in the relationship and Ani n I din really call ourselves in a official realtionship). My cybe stalker made sure that he makes my lief hell by e-mailing me all the time professing his love .... Shayon actually asked me to tell Mr. Stalker to stop pestering me coz I had a bf and since I din want to reveal his (my bf) name I should say that its Shayon.

I was feeling like a damsel in distress and Shayon was a true gentleman... My end-sems were gonna start soon... and Shayon drops another bombshell at me asking me for my phone number... and despite the stalker experience... I don't know why I gave him my number... adding to it- 'If you trouble me by missed calls or bad smses...then you have had it'.
In return, I get a call from him right before a very tough paper telling me to calm down and relax. We talked on, for over an hour STD. That was the sweetest thing that anyone had done for me in such a long time... and Shayon became a topic of discussion between me and my best friend.
(All through my exams, since I was burning the mid-night oil, I was ordered to sms Shayon at time I slept... and everynight- He used to reply telling me that I should sleep early).
Shayon was becoming more of an addiction day by day... and Ani was distancing himself from me on God knows what.... The main reason was that stalker... I guess...

The Banglore trip in Feb 2005, brought me and Shayon closer than ever. It was on the 7th feb eve that we talked all night through smses... it was the best night that I had had in a long time... (We flirted like anything from day one we had started chatting.... I asked him to buy me roses on the rose day...and he actually bought them...!!!).
I missed talking to him... and despite all the guilt of maybe two timing Ani, I just couldn't help but miss Shayon everyday of my trip, even more..... and kehte hain na- 'aag dono jagah barabar lagi hai' Shayon was also missing me.... it was very clear in this mail of his....

"Hi, how you been doing? Silly question, I guessryt? Of course, you are on a much deserved holiday now. You are supposed to be enjoying!

So...what all places have ya been? Or have you been too lazy to even get out of your bed
? Have you been to Mysore till now? If you haven't, don't forget to get sandalwood stuffs next time you get there. I've been there just once. Liked the place. Although I've been in Bangalore for just 3 days . I'd been there to take my CET exams. My cousin sis stays there. Don't remember the street n all, though...

...Hey gurl...really missing you, yaar? When are you coming back? I know it's sounding a li'l selfish...but then...I'm missing you really bad. Hope to catch up with you online some time soon. Chow then, ciao for now...
Ohkay...ciao for now. Take Care." (5th Feb, 2005)
The Proposal and the Phone bill are up tomorrow...!!!

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